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Stephen Hawking Warns: Artificial Intelligence May Enslave Humans

Stephen Hawking Warns: Artificial Intelligence Entity May Enslave Humans and be the biggest mistake in history. Could be true. Whenever I see something like this my mind flashes back to THE TERMINATOR series of course. Corporations of course will build them because they see $$$ signs and they will not see any potiential problems. Oh well… Could be…could be…

I hate the hatred

I found this article in THE SUN…yeah…I know…why are you looking at the Sun. Well it’s because I like to read Michael Coren. By the way grab a copy of Coren’s new book HATRED. It is enlightened reading and sad at the same time. I found that it affected me because it makes me realize that Christians are in a losing battle with Islam and I find I have a no so nice feeling about them. They hate us but I as a Christian I am supposed to turn the other cheek. So when I saw this article I realized that so many of the points are resonating with me because I feel the same way. The article is I HATE THE HATRED and it brings home many feelings; so bear with me and read it and then see how you respond to it.

Israel and Gaza. I hate the deaths on both sides. I hate the outsiders on both sides claiming to care. I hate the lack of empathy on both sides. I hate the hatred. Keep reading, there’s more!

Old Beijing Subway Trains Get Second Life As Homeless Shelters

Ever wonder what happens to old subway cars when subway lines upgrade to newer trains? In Beijing at least, the ones used pre-Olympics have been shipped to Sichuan and converted into temporary winter shelters. Ten DK-16 trains, each with six cars, are now in Guangyuan, a city north of Sichuan’s capital Chengdu.
Old Beijing Subway Trains Get Second Life As Homeless Shelters
Sure, they may not look very homey to us, but they’re an ingenious way to deal with the terrible problem of the thousands left homeless by the earthquake, while making sure older subway models don’t end up in a landfill somewhere. Altogether, the trains will accommodate roughly 1,200 people.

Supreme Court of Canada: the death with dignity decision in 900 words

Here is a brief synopsis of Lee Carter v. Canada (Attorney General). On February 6, 2015. The Supreme Court of Canada, in a unanimous decision, confirmed that Canadians have the constitutional right to choose physician assistance in dying.

The BC Civil Liberties Association is overjoyed by the Supreme Court’s ruling. This is a tremendous victory for the protection of human rights and compassion at the end of life.

This means that seriously and incurably ill Canadians who are suffering unbearably will have the choice to seek the assistance of a doctor to have a compassionate and peaceful death. Keep reading, there’s more to learn

The Muslim population of America is expanding at warp speed

Here is an article from Carol Brown writing for AMERICAN THINKER for you to ponder on.

Even when Muslims are a minority population they can and do transform whole cultures and societies. And not for the better.

Why? Because their holy book is a totalitarian ideology founded on submission and world domination. And toward that end, Islam is on the march. Meanwhile, the West remains mired in cowardice and complicity. Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in Europe, which is on the fast track to join the Caliphate.
Keep reading, more to think about below!

Good to see positive Muslim coverage?

Yes it is always good to see some positive Muslim coverage. One can only hope that in Canada most Muslims will find some form of freedom from back home oppression but let us be serious it is a long way from coming true.

I was reading the letters to the editor of The Hamilton Spectator. Amy Soule says that she is happy to see positive Muslim news. You see she is n observant Jew and she is sick and tired of her religious half-siblings (Muslims) being depicted as terrorists. Okay her idea and hopes are admirable but does she not realize that Jews are totally detested by Muslims. They only want a the destruction of the Jews and of Christians. At least from the Christians, Muslims are willing to try to convert them to Islam but these so-called half-siblings, my dear lady, only want the sheer destruction of Jews. Okay there are a lot of Muslims in Canada who probably are willing to put up with you but if it ever comes down to it…you are toast. As long a Muslims go by the Koran, Jews will NEVER be accepted. So sure they may act nice towards you and some of the younger ones may actually mean it but it isn’t those you have to worry about. It is the majority of Muslims from which you need to take care. By the way I don’t mean to belittle you on the ‘half-sibling’ thing because I do understand it but it is a shame that Muslims don’t see it that way. I just wish it was possible. Christians like myself would like to see the same thing but I fear that it will not be a reality in our lifetime or in many lifetimes. A shame really that your positive feelings will not be reciprocated…a real shame.

The sharp response ‘SNL’ gave Victoria’s Secret after they banned a mom from breastfeeding in store

Revenge from the Saturday Night Live cast. Thank you, Cecily Strong, for bringing the realness hammer down hard.

Ashley Clawson was shopping in a Victoria’s Secret store when her 4-month-old son, Beckett, began to cry. Because do you know what the crazy thing about babies is? Sometimes they cry, and sometimes they need feeding. Who knew? So as Ashley was purchasing $150 worth of items from the store, she asked if she could use one of the empty dressing rooms to feed him. They refused.

But lo and behold, here is “Saturday Night Live” to hilariously convey the sheer ?!?!?!? of this moment.



Victoria’s Secret Apologizes After Store Tells Mom To Breastfeed In Alley

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at the stupidity of some people. Read this article and be disgusted at what some people are willing to do.

By Chris Morran
When the mom of a 4-month-old asked the clerk at a Texas Victoria’s Secret if she could use one of the store’s fitting rooms to nurse her child, she was doing so out of courtesy, as Texas law allows mothers to breastfeed in all locations. She certainly wasn’t expecting to be told that she should feed her infant in an alley next to the store.
Keep reading, there’s more stupidity below!

India orders TV stations not to broadcast documentary in which rapist blames victim

This is an article that I am not sure how to take. A part of me agrees with the government of India not wanting to allow the broadcasting of a documentary but at the same time I don’t like the idea of blocking something that people of which should be aware. Read it and think about the situation and feel free to comment.

NEW DELHI — Indian authorities ordered television stations Tuesday not to broadcast a documentary about a gang rape on a New Delhi bus in which one of the attackers blames the victim and says she could have avoided being killed if she had not fought back, a government official said.
Keep reading, there’s more outrage below!

Ponder this one little problem

A fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam and the obstacle to peace between both houses is the differing manners in which each religion perceives it’s place in greater or secular society. Islam DOES NOT RECOGNIZE the validity of a secular society. There is simply no separation between mosque and state in orthodox Islam. Christianity on the other hand does. North American governments do separate the two. So, ask yourself this question. Can North America or in other Western societies work with this attitude? The problem becomes that as more and more followers of Islam increase in each society and more and more of them vote and elect members to government then eventually as they outnumber the indigenous population then the slow change becomes a reality. Secular government will disappear in all these countries. The Islamic takeover will then be complete. This form of government will go on for centuries until such time as the people change once again. This is the cycle of religious life I guess. We might as well get used to the idea, but then don’t worry as most of use will not be here by the time all this happens.

New US Patents Could Signal The End Of Pesticides & GMOs

Humanity is facing a a major crisis: our immediate environment is being riddled with pesticides, making us unhealthy faster than we can study the effects. In addition, these pesticides are contributing to a massive reduction in our bee population and a general decline in soil health.

The companies that profit from making these pesticides have made it clear they won’t stop, and our petitions to the EPA and FDA are mostly ignored due to revolving door leadership between pesticide makers and government regulators. Is there an answer? Yes there is!
Keep reading, more to think about below!

Conservative Dream Come True: Woman Sentenced To 30 Years Behind Bars For Having A Miscarriage

Sometimes you have to violently shake your head in disbelief at some of the shit that goes on in the world. Just when you thought only Islam had insane, archaic laws, along come El Salvador to screw with your mind. This is an insult not only to women but to common sense. North Americans just don’t realize how good they have it. Read below for more insanity.

If conservatives have their way, any pregnant woman who has a miscarriage — natural or not — will be thrown in prison for decades, like this woman. Keep reading, there’s more stupidity below!

The Most Beautiful Mummy In The World and Its Mystery

This one of those ‘wow’ things that you need to see. Watch the video and be amazed.

Rosalia Lombardo (December 13, 1918 in Palermo, Italy – December 6, 1920), was an Italian child who died of pneumonia. Rosalia’s father, Official Mario Lombardo, was sorely grieved upon her death, so he approached Alfredo Salafia, a noted embalmer, to preserve her.
Her body was one of the last corpses to be admitted to the Capuchin catacombs of Palermo in Sicily.
Keep reading, more amazing things to see below!

How Transgender Women Make Topless Laws Look Even More Ridiculous And Offensive Than We Already Knew They Were

Good read but keep in mind that if you live in Canada, topless women are able to be so in public legally. Enjoy this US article

Recently, I came across a Chicago Tribune article headlined, ”Chicago defends law against going topless.” To be entirely honest, I wasn’t actually aware that Chicago had a law regulating who can and can’t be topless in public, but as both a resident and an owner of a pair of (small, but whatevs) breasts, I was intrigued.

“The city on Wednesday filed a motion to dismiss a federal lawsuit over the right of women to go topless in Chicago, Keep reading, there’s more to learn

Muslims Everywhere Are Pissed After Mcdonalds Makes HUGE Stand Against Islam

Yup, this is funny. Can’t say i ever heard of a Jew suing anyone for not serving kosher foods. They just don’t in places where Kosher is not served or they just ignore the dietary restriction. Maybe Muslims should consider the same thing but no they are too special…at least in their own minds.

According to recent reports, McDonalds Corporation announced on Monday that two of its Michigan franchises will no longer carry Chicken McNuggets and McChicken sandwiches designed to meet halal dietary requirements. Keep reading, there’s more outrage below!