Ponder this one little problem

A fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam and the obstacle to peace between both houses is the differing manners in which each religion perceives it’s place in greater or secular society. Islam DOES NOT RECOGNIZE the validity of a secular society. There is simply no separation between mosque and state in orthodox Islam. Christianity on the other hand does. North American governments do separate the two. So, ask yourself this question. Can North America or in other Western societies work with this attitude? The problem becomes that as more and more followers of Islam increase in each society and more and more of them vote and elect members to government then eventually as they outnumber the indigenous population then the slow change becomes a reality. Secular government will disappear in all these countries. The Islamic takeover will then be complete. This form of government will go on for centuries until such time as the people change once again. This is the cycle of religious life I guess. We might as well get used to the idea, but then don’t worry as most of use will not be here by the time all this happens.