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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope you all had a great Christmas and got some of what you wanted. Don’t forget to go out there and keep businesses happy on Boxing Day. I might actually go out to a boxing day sale for the first time in 30 years. Looking for a leather jacket sale. I might actual not run out in fear of all those people crowding me out there.
I hope you all have a great and Happy New Year as well.
I would like all of you to send out some prayers for all the Christians, at this time of year, that have been killed or tormented in the Middle East for practicing their faith. To those that practice the Islamic faith, I hope you will do likewise as you are able to practice here with very little chance you will be killed by going to your services. I hope that in this new year we will see a change in the world toward true tolerance by those that up to now have had none. This is what I ask for every Christmas and maybe someday I may get that gift.

Supreme Court strikes down Canada’s prostitution laws

Never been to one and probably never will but still it’s about time that society realizes that the oldest profession needs to be legalized. If it is treated like another profession then it should receive all the protections given to other ‘legal’ professions. To get it away from the slime is important. To those who say that the bad guys will be able to control them more’ if it is legalized, is bull. So called legal jobs are already being used by the so called bad guys so what’s the difference. Every legitimate business has been at sometime corrupted by organized crime but at least this way there can be some government regulations. So let’s move on shall we.
Keep reading, there’s more info!

Christians are discriminated on but sometimes they deserve it.

I am going to print this article and I will intersperse my comments in between. I just feel like doing it this way. Here goes…ready? Good, now read on for some simple solutions to stop discrimination against Christians.
by John S. Dickerson

I have friends who laugh when I mention discrimination against Christians in the United States. You evangelicals have such a persecution complex, they tell me.

As an evangelical leader and observer, I do believe discrimination against my people is being allowed and even applauded in pockets of America — just as discrimination against homosexuals and others is being allowed in other pockets of the nation.

This time last year Chic-fil-A protests were erupting across the country. The telling moment was not the creative protests, but the public officials who declared the restaurant chain a hate group. Keep reading, there’s more info!

To stupid people who think they should discriminate on gays

It’s Christmas time and it is supposed to be a time that we Christians celebrate the birth of the guy after which we are named. Being Catholic, I sometimes get angry at my self for having all sorts of negative thoughts and feelings about certain people or races or other religions. We Christians are supposed to love everyone and turn the other cheek when insulted, attacked, molested et cetra. You know you’ve heard it all before. Because of that we are a great target for other sadistic, nasty religions and others who have nothing to do with religion. Pick on the Christians we don’t fight back. Well for now anyway. This is not what I am gripping about this time though.

Being a Christian, the thing that bugs me the most is something that I make sure I never, never say…and that is the Christ would want it that way. My faults are mine and not his. So, why do I say this? You see I notice a lot of crap lately about gays. People still have a long way to go before being ready to accept these ‘strange people’. We had centuries of being indoctrinated with the idea of gays being deviates. Yes, they are deviates according to the norm but they are Gods deviates. Just like I am, and you are. WE ALL HAVE OUR KINKS.
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…and she’s proud of this… in this day and age

Below you will see a disgusting article and pictures. This news person is actually proud of stalking and killing animals that are rapidly becoming extinct.This is so incredibly disgusting that it is beyond words. It is bad enough that we kill for food but to kill for sport ,today, where so many animals are slowly becoming endangered, is beyond belief. Here is the article with pictures. Keep reading, there’s more outrage below!

Here’s a question for everyone…the press is included

How come all we hear about is Rob Ford and his little vices; yet no one talks about the mayor of London, Ontario that has stolen millions from city charity funds and is being charged by the police. Yet everyone goes on and on about a schmuck that took a few drugs and yet never stole a penny. Of course Ford is more entertaining but still why do we never see news comments and news stories on this other mayor. I guess taking a few drugs and not stealing money is more glamourous than not taking drugs and stealing millions. Go figure.

Da…da..dum..dum…dun…the plot thickens…the truth revealled

Family Guy Alert: Was Brian the Dog’s Death Faked to Cover His Killing of Nelson Mandela?
Does anyone else find it curious that Brian the Dog was killed just two weeks before Mandela died? Could his death be related? Who would ever suspect that the dead Brian had any part in the murder? A former CIA agent says that Mandela was about to confess to being Obama’s real father. Obama was conceived during a week when Ann Dunham was visiting Pretoria Local Prison, with her traveling burlesque show and Mandela was waiting to stand trial for treason.

Brian Griffin was a well known liberal activist from Quahog, RI, has held rallies for the legalization of marijuana, gay marriage, and has been known to deface fire hydrants.
The word coming from highly placed sources within the intelligence community says Brian will make it back in time for Christmas, with the help of former governmental scientist, the brilliant Stewie Griffin.

Family Guy – Bag Of Weed

Christianity Is The ‘Most Persecuted Religion Globally’ With 1 Christian Killed Every 11 Minutes

I am posting an article on the situation of today’s Christians for you to read.This article is no news to most people but it is nice to see that governments are finally accepting this irrefutable fact. Some how over this past century Christians have been coming more and more under attack. It easy to terrorize and kill a people whose religion is supposed to be one of peace. True, Christians have not always lived up to the values that Christ expected of us them, at least try. They are not a religion that comes out and says that unbelievers be killed like a certain religion we all know.
Christians are easy targets because they have been told to turn the other cheek and not to blow themselves up killing the competition. Yes easy targets when it comes to political correctness. Don’t pick on the Jews, don’t pick on those poor Islamists that kill Christians and Jews, don’t insult those poor unfortunate souls but hey go ahead and insult and kill Christians after all Christians won’t really fight back in a way that is meaningful. The age of the Christian is coming to a slow dwindling close, it seems. It was a nice ride while it lasted but the world turns and Christians like my self will eventually become a minority until the time comes again when it is our turn once again to be a meaningful religion.
I have stated often that I would be happy to see the end of all religion rather that see happen what is now happening, but what the hell, what is to be is to be. Any way here is an article that illuminates… Keep reading, there’s more atrocities to read below!

Nelson Mandela dies at 95


He was a champion of freedom, who spent one-third of his life in a prison cell; a revolutionary who espoused armed conflict against the state, yet became a global icon of peace and moral virtue.

Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa, died on Thursday at the age of 95. Archbishop Desmond Tutu called him “one of the greatest human beings to walk this Earth.”

Certainly he was a giant of the 20th century, an extraordinary leader who — like Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and Pope John Paul II — confronted the oppressors of his time and, against enormous odds, changed the course of history. Keep reading, there’s more!

You have to watch this…it is really funny. point of view from two couples that is adult and involves certain adult activities. Just letting you know, so don’t complain if it offends. Still it is funny. Enjoy POINT OF VIEW,

Very Interesting…in Germany you say?

As time goes on in Europe we will see more and more of this. It happened in the past through war and violent conflict but know it is being done by quiet moving in and having more babies then the hosts. A nice non-violent way to conquest and cultural take-over. Now that’s interesting isn’t it. Say bye-bye- to your way of life. It is the way the world works. It is just a phase that should be around for at least 1000 years but fear not it will change again far in the future. Life is cyclical. In the meantime read this article.. Keep reading, there’s more!