Da…da..dum..dum…dun…the plot thickens…the truth revealled

Family Guy Alert: Was Brian the Dog’s Death Faked to Cover His Killing of Nelson Mandela?
Does anyone else find it curious that Brian the Dog was killed just two weeks before Mandela died? Could his death be related? Who would ever suspect that the dead Brian had any part in the murder? A former CIA agent says that Mandela was about to confess to being Obama’s real father. Obama was conceived during a week when Ann Dunham was visiting Pretoria Local Prison, with her traveling burlesque show and Mandela was waiting to stand trial for treason.

Brian Griffin was a well known liberal activist from Quahog, RI, has held rallies for the legalization of marijuana, gay marriage, and has been known to deface fire hydrants.
The word coming from highly placed sources within the intelligence community says Brian will make it back in time for Christmas, with the help of former governmental scientist, the brilliant Stewie Griffin.

Family Guy – Bag Of Weed