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Give an inch and they will take a mile…really

You can always count on religious zealots of all kinds to use their worship of God to try and validate or try to get out of punishments for their crimes.

Montreal man and Via terror plot suspect says Criminal Code is ‘not a holy book’
Chiheb Esseghaier charged with 5 terror offences, including conspiracy to commit murder is saying that the Criminal Code should not apply to him because it’s “not a holy book.” Keep reading, there’s more outrage below!

Prevent this from happening here…

This Picture Sums Up Islam Better Than Any Other One I’ve Seen.

Muslim girls being lead off in chains to meet their new husbands. The leading experts in Islamic Law met recently at the 191st meeting of the Council of Islamic Ideology and declared as un-Islamic any laws attempting to establish a minimum age for girls to be married.

Relative size…

Take a look at this picture…
Okay, now so that you feel really insignificant and unimportant picture yourself in this picture relative to the sun. Got it. That’s right in the scheme of things we don’t mean much do we. All the problems on this planet really seem small now, don’t they?

Way not to get elected

In the new Ontario election coming up Hudak of the PCs has said he will cut 100,000 public service jobs. now there is a good way to try not to get elected. For a brief second I almost was considering voting for the Ontario PCs but that just took my vote away. Look you might be temped to say that this might be a good idea. To you, I say think twice because it is such a bad idea. Sure on the surface you can say the government can save money, but think about it. It is going to save money by screwing the public. These people will be fired from service departments. Don’t you already receive horrible service and wait in long lines for this horrible service? You help cut these jobs then you suffer, not the government. We pay taxes for these services and the PCs think that the only way to save money is to make our lives harder. How would you like to go shopping at Wallymart on a busy Saturday and have only one or two cashiers. You wouldn’t like that, would you? So why would you want that type of service from your government agencies.
Voting PC is only going to hurt the citizens. As much as I do not like what the NDP stand for all the time and the screw ups the Liberals have made they are still the better options. The PCs will take us down a very bad path so for our sakes please do not vote for them. I would like to get my driver’s license promptly and not have to wait hours in line to receive poor service from haggard employees. Hudak may think he knows what he is doing but he is only trying to cater to those who think government services should be curtailed, prove the PCs wrong.

It controls women.

I find it humourous in a sick way that years ago if someone was dressed like the Muslim woman(?) in a burka, the police would probably be watching the person carefully. They would be afraid that something sinister was about to happen. Today, something sinister could really happen and it is ignored. In our dangerous society of today it seems strange that we would accept this type of attire. Young black men are often harassed and even killed because they wear a hoodie and yet we allow this type of attire without flinching. It sure seems strange to me, how about you?
I usually am very accepting of any kind of attire but this one does make me nervous. I am not ashamed to say that if I was going to board a plane or a train I would be very hesitant if I saw someone dressed in a full burka. I can’t help it…I think it is part of our nature to suspect what we can’t fully see; after all isn’t that why we jump when scary things are hidden in the dark in horror movies? Look we all know that not all scary things are hidden from view, but it is our nature to suspect and not trust what we can’t fully see.

The problem is that this burka thing has been used to help kill many thousands of people and we will always be afraid of it even if the person inside is very peaceful. In our supposedly enlightened society this type of attire is not needed, it is only a simple tool by men who wish to control women and unfortunately these women have been programmed over the years to accept this intolerance towards them. They are willing to accept what men, who feel women are unimportant, have dictated for them. Women are God’s creation and men should not be able to control them. Until Muslim women shed this cloth most of us will be tentative around them even though we will feel bad about feeling nervous around them. In our enlightened Canadian society this attire is not something we need. Hopefully in time the younger women born here will refuse to wear this domination oriented piece of cloth
will be abandoned.


I find it interesting that over the centuries we have related antagonism and war like behaviour to animals. You may note that over time especially cartoonists have always used animals to show our baser instincts. So, why in all this time haven’t we caught on that we are animals and that all we want is to dominate the other animals. Maybe someday we will control our base behaviour. We won’t be here to see it and neither will our children and grandchildren…hell none of us might be here to see it happen…but still we should try. Could you imagine where we could be if we controlled our base instincts.russianbear If we can do it in fictional stories we can do it in reality after all fiction helped create the modern tools we have so creating that perfect society often shown in fiction can also become a reality, if we would only give ourselves the chance and remove the obstacles. We need to recognize all people…men and women are equal and all people are the same no matter the country or nationality. Here’s hoping we can change before mother Earth has enough of us and decides to change the world order after all it has done it before.

It continues

muslim patrolbeating
…and so it continues. This type of thing will not end soon. We have imported into the Western society the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Fundamentalists will never stop. The totally ironic thing is that Islam means peace and yet peace is the last thing they want. The other ironic thing is that they are turning Christianity which is all about peace, into the opposite as well. For Christianity to survive we have to take on their characteristics or take the chance that we will become extinct. Most Christians want to turn the other cheek and that has to be applauded but in time that will be a mistake because religion is nothing more than a tool to use to promote ones agenda. It is unfortunate but true. This is like a war and all we can hope is that the radicals can be controlled by the people who want peace. Here’s hoping.

Why antagonize customers

The most irritating and annoying commercial on television right now is that grating IPOD5 commercial. When I first heard saw the commercial it was fine but after three listens I found I could not listen to it. Every time it comes on now, the mute button comes on. I find it grating, annoying and I would not even consider buying the product even though I wouldn’t do it anyway since I will not buy Apple products.
If the point of the commercial is to have people talk about the commercial because it is annoying, well then Apple you have succeeded. Damn it’s coming on again….gotta hit the mute.