It controls women.

I find it humourous in a sick way that years ago if someone was dressed like the Muslim woman(?) in a burka, the police would probably be watching the person carefully. They would be afraid that something sinister was about to happen. Today, something sinister could really happen and it is ignored. In our dangerous society of today it seems strange that we would accept this type of attire. Young black men are often harassed and even killed because they wear a hoodie and yet we allow this type of attire without flinching. It sure seems strange to me, how about you?
I usually am very accepting of any kind of attire but this one does make me nervous. I am not ashamed to say that if I was going to board a plane or a train I would be very hesitant if I saw someone dressed in a full burka. I can’t help it…I think it is part of our nature to suspect what we can’t fully see; after all isn’t that why we jump when scary things are hidden in the dark in horror movies? Look we all know that not all scary things are hidden from view, but it is our nature to suspect and not trust what we can’t fully see.

The problem is that this burka thing has been used to help kill many thousands of people and we will always be afraid of it even if the person inside is very peaceful. In our supposedly enlightened society this type of attire is not needed, it is only a simple tool by men who wish to control women and unfortunately these women have been programmed over the years to accept this intolerance towards them. They are willing to accept what men, who feel women are unimportant, have dictated for them. Women are God’s creation and men should not be able to control them. Until Muslim women shed this cloth most of us will be tentative around them even though we will feel bad about feeling nervous around them. In our enlightened Canadian society this attire is not something we need. Hopefully in time the younger women born here will refuse to wear this domination oriented piece of cloth
will be abandoned.