What the heck is a hypenated American or Canadian anyway?

So if you are black and born in America and probably never have been or will ever go to Africa…why are you called African Americans. Are they not just Americans with a dark skin complexion. Does anybody in Canada ever hear the term African Canadian. I have never heard it…has anyone out there heard this. I don’t see Chinese people being called Yellow Americans or Yellow Canadians…so why are we stuck on this ridiculous term for people with a darker complexion? I came from Italy and I don’t want people referring to me as Italian Canadian…I am either Italian in which case I will move my cute ass to Italy or I am Canadian and I will stay here. If people want to refer to themselves in this way then they should really consider the moving option. It is okay to say I am Canadian of Italian descent just like you can say I am American of African descent BUT WAIT NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE FROM AFRICA… this is just becoming to confusing…let’s make it simple when you move to another country or are descended from some other country and become a citizen of that country you now take on the name of that nationality. You are no longer African American…neither are you a Canadian American or a Muslim American or an Italian American…you are just a plain American or a plain Canadian. If that does not suit you than go to where you feel comfortable…it is better for everyone that way because when you move to another country your loyalty should always be for you new country nothing else matters…neither politics, clothes or religion. You adapt to the new country in all manner of ways. If something does not sit well with you in that country then there are a lot of other countries in the world that are better than America where you can get free health care at least. I am Italian and proud to be and will always be Canadian. So what are you? PS: All this does not apply when cheering for a soccer team…hey come on there has to be some leeway for soccer!!!