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…and the stories keep on coming…as I said before Muslim men seem to have a need to resort to rape for getting sex. I am sure that this is a cultural thing and a disregard of regular Muslim women as an anything but sex fodder for Muslim men. You can sugar coat this as ‘un-politically correct” and as a racist comment, but look, when the figures bear things out, then why is it politically incorrect to tell the facts as they sit. Let’s keep in mind that Muslims believe that on death they go to heaven and are given 72 virgins by God. You wonder why they have so little respect for women

Rape Epidemic in UK Perpetrated by ‘Asian’ Taxi Drivers (from 2013 report)

BBC show host fired for requesting ‘non-Asian’ or female driver for her 14 year old daughter.
By Soeren Kern

Great Britain is in the throes of a rape and pedophilia epidemic unlike anything the country has experienced in living memory.

Many of the sex crimes are being perpetrated by Muslim child grooming gangs responsible for drugging, raping and torturing hundreds and possibly thousands of British girls.

But another wave of sex crimes involves predatory Muslim taxi drivers who are raping female passengers. The number of so-called taxi rapes is snowballing to such an extent that a British judge has issued a warning that no woman can expect to be safe while traveling in a cab. Keep reading, there’s more atrocities to read below!

Caught On Camera: Police In Texas Violated Young Girls During Routine Traffic Stop (VIDEO)

Has Texas become a police state? If anyone doubts there is a War On Women in Texas, this is proof positive. It is evident from the videos that the police officers think this is standard procedure as they acknowledge they are on video. They do not believe they are doing anything wrong. They have been conditioned to believe that a woman’s person is subject to whatever laws or actions they deem reasonable to them at any given time and for any reason.

In a state where a Congressperson believes a rape kit can be used to clean out a woman after a rape when passing a draconian anti-women, anti-abortion, anti-contraception, anti-family planning bill, this should be expected. Having the graphic video makes it more appalling.

Here’s the video: Keep reading, there’s more outrage below!

The Price of ‘Made in China’

PETER NAVARRO is here to inform you and warn you, not that we’ll listen.

HERE is a symbol of China’s assault on the American economy: the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, which connects Brooklyn and Staten Island.

This landmark, which opened in 1964, is North America’s longest suspension bridge. It’s also in urgent need of renovation. Unfortunately, $34 million in steel production and fabrication work has been outsourced to China.

How did this happen? The Metropolitan Transportation Authority says a Chinese fabricator was picked because the two American companies approached for the project lacked the manufacturing space, special equipment and financial capacity to do the job. But the United Steelworkers claims it quickly found two other American Keep reading, more to think about below!


America is now classified as a low-mobility country. It is harder to move up the economic ladder in the United States than it is in most of Continental Europe (where wages are around 12% higher). These are the first steps to the decline of a country. Being that corporations have no loyalties to any country, don’t expect this to change unless we change the corporate structures.

Ask the Expert: What Google Knows

Q: “I just read a shocking article which stated that Google recently told a court that users should not expect privacy when using their services, and that if a user wants privacy, they should use another service. I love gmail and YouTube, but I’m scared about a huge corporation knowing so much about me. Should I be wary of using Google products?”

A: Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, once said the following: “Google policy is to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it.” If we’re talking about privacy, Google is very close to that line.

FLASH! The animal kingdom takes up arms against stupid hunters

I am not a hunter, nor do I have any desire to hunt unless it is for food. At this time in the world most of our hunting for food is done in grocery stores. To see and hear people who hunt for sport is to me quite abhorrent but I do not go around making a big deal about it but to see this type of hunting going on in the world, I just have to say that this people are the most ignorant sons of bitches around.

You want to kill then join the army then at least you can kill for a purpose, against an enemy that can fight back. When you go after unarmed animals who are totally defenseless then there is no sport. Just admit to yourselves that you want to be a killer Keep reading, there’s more atrocities to read below!

His Wife Of 75 Years Died A Month Ago, Then He Wrote This Song For Her.

Being a crass sentimentalist I just had to put this little article with a song up here .After the love of his life passed away, 96-year-old Fred was left with only the memories of their decades together. Although Fred had no musical background, when he read about a local music studio holding a singer/songwriter contest, he saw it as the perfect opportunity to write a love song for his wife since the 1930′s, Lorraine.
I hope that I continue to love my wife like this man has all his life. I hope my wife and I are lucky enough to live until we have been together for 75 years. This is very sweet so all you sentimentalists sit back, listen and enjoy.

This is so stupid that it is beyond ridiculous

Seriously, sometimes you really have to think about how stupid can some rule makers be. If you make rules you should at least have some built in understood outs to accommodate possible scenarios that need to be exceptions. This story shows how stupid some rule-makers can be. This story really has to make you think about who we allow to make rules that affect our children. If this story doesn’t prove what I am saying I don’t know what would be. Read on and see if you agree. Keep reading, there’s more stupidity below!