FLASH! The animal kingdom takes up arms against stupid hunters

I am not a hunter, nor do I have any desire to hunt unless it is for food. At this time in the world most of our hunting for food is done in grocery stores. To see and hear people who hunt for sport is to me quite abhorrent but I do not go around making a big deal about it but to see this type of hunting going on in the world, I just have to say that this people are the most ignorant sons of bitches around.

You want to kill then join the army then at least you can kill for a purpose, against an enemy that can fight back. When you go after unarmed animals who are totally defenseless then there is no sport. Just admit to yourselves that you want to be a killer but are afraid to kill people because you don’t want to be imprisoned and executed. So, what to do? Well go out and take out your killer instinct on something that can’t fight back and will not put you on death row; your bloodthirsty sated. You are killers plain and simple and you suck.killer
In this photo, a female trophy hunter sits smirking on top of the giraffe she blasted to death with a rifle as it ate from a tree.

With these kinds of “hunts,” wealthy individuals are usually driven to the spot by guides who know where the animals are. The clients then shoot and kill the animals, often while sitting in the Land Rover that brought them.

Even more unconscionable, some safaris are “canned hunts,” in which captive animals raised this purpose, are placed inside a fenced-in enclosure for the “hunter” to shoot.


Here’s the hunting company’s description of this event:

“We took Shelley out this morning with the thoughts of maybe getting a giraffe. We found this big bull feeding in the trees, and Shelley put 2 good shots in him before he went down. Big mature bull. We have it all here, and we want to share it with YOU”.

If you’d like to share your thoughts with the company that runs these “hunts” for a select and wealthy clientele (other clients include Ted Nugent and family) you can reach them via their website here: http://www.allhunts.com/Limpopo_Dangerous_Game.php
Go to this url and see the opening page and see all the pictures of beautiful animals killed. It is sick.