Monthly Archives: June 2013

Life changes

Every time I go to a funeral nowadays, I realize I have to stop stalling and get my priorities in order. I am not getting done everything I should. First thing I should do is try to pull myself away from FACEBOOK, the insidious time killer. Actually slowing down my computing time would get me out into the sun on my bike. Well I guess I’ll get around to it soon. Hopefully…maybe. Well time to check out FACEBOOK and see how friends waste their time.


So, now the Provincial Liberal government is talking about increasing gasoline tax and even putting tolls on our highways. The reason the gasoline tax was implimented in the first place was to keep up with the infrastucture of the road system. Along the way it seems the governments have forgotten this and used moneys for other things and only kept a fraction of this money for roadwork. The government has constantly tried to tell us to save for when we get old. It seems, though, THAT WHILE THEY TELL US ONE THING THEY PRACICE ANOTHER. why doesn’t the government save as well. Why isn’t all the money collected on gas tax put away in a dedicated account strictly for roadwork. We have to do this, so why shouldn’t they. Oh, yeah they don’t have to do this because they are not playing with their own money, and as such it doesn’t seem to be important enough because they can just suck the voters dry when they need more money. It has to stop sometime, but when. Now would be a good time.


Turbines have been criticized for killing birds and as such should not be allowed. hey, to all the people out their who believe in this crap then may I simply remind you that thousands on thousands of birds are killed by the glass in high rises. So, you nimrods, do you also agree that we should ban the building of highrises as well? I guess you do. Look just say you think they look ugly or they just bother you and quit the bull crap about your concern for wildlife.


Abdullah Mohammed Daoud… well surprise he is from Saudi Arabia and is a cleric. This guy should be taken out by a drone strike. Really this guy is an asshole in any culture but I guess since he is Saudi it is to be expected after all they seem to live in the year 900 AD. Nothing I say, can add to to this ass wipes own comments. Just read on and ‘boo’ as you read what he says should be done to women. Keep reading, there’s more!