Monthly Archives: June 2014


It only goes to show you that when people actually think and vote they can make reasonable choices. There was no way that people of Ontario would vote in a guy that wanted to create massive unemployment to create some type of fictional employment. I do think that Hudak made a major mistake when he met with the Republicans and the Tea Party. That gave such a bad, terrifying message that the voters would rather have a party that has caused so many problems over a PC party that would even come close to resembling the TEA PARTY.

I must admit though, that I thought we stood a good chance of getting a Minority NDP government but the people of Ontario still can’t get past the Bob Rae days. Someday that will change. Ms. Wynne is now the visit elected female Prime Minister of Ontario and as well as the first openly gay leader of a party. Well let us hope that Ms Wynne does not come up with policies that will cost the taxpayer. keep your fingers crossed.

Oh and I see that while writing this that in his speech Mr. Hudak also announced that he is stepping down as leader of the PC’s as was expected, since the PC’s would never win with him as the leader.