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Government should pay for bigots to leave.

I was reading the Spectator readers letter column and came across one of the most ignorant letters I have read in a while. Terry Morgan you are an ass is my first comment. Terry wrote that since it seems that he is all for bringing in Syrian refugees the rest of the people out there who have any thoughts that do not comply with his way of thinking are bigots. The best part is that he thinks that anyone disagreeing with bringing in refugees are bigots and that the government should deport bigots to the United States. First off it is not something that the government can do and second who the fcuk is he to decide what Canadians can think or say. It seems that if you have an opinion contrary to his way of thinking you should not be in Canada. Well, Terry Morgan, it is you who does not belong in Canada,

It is nice that we allow Syrians to come to Canada as no one wants to see them suffer but people have reservations seeing what turmoil it is causing in Europe. This does not make them bigots. People will always hate and be wary of others. It is the way humans are. We eventually change our tune when we see the new immigrants conform to our Canadian ways and leave their old country customs behind. Canada has no room for anyone who comes here and dictates how we should live because of the way it was back home. We do not want to have to abide by some rules or religious beliefs of other religions.

These ideas are not bigoted as Terry wants us to believe. He even goes as far as to compare us to white supremacists from the United States. You know Terry some people who worry or have problems with refugees happen to be many colours and most are immigrants like myself. Somehow he seems to think that Canada would benefit if we got rid of 25,000 bigots from Canada. One definition of a bigot is “a person who is obstinately or intolerably devoted to his or her own opinion and prejudices”. SO TERRY LET ME INVITE YOU TO JOIN THE LIST OF THE 25,000 BIGOTS TO BE KICKED OUT OF CANADA. You see you are a bigot because of your prejudices against your fellow Canadians with different opinions. So Terry your are a fcuking ignorant person and a poor Canadian. My opinion of course, that I am expressing because it seems you can express your ignorant opinion so I can as well. That is the good thing about our freedom of speech.

To W. Shadrick who agrees with Terry Morgan and wants to stop the papers from publishing dissenting opinions about Islamic immigrants BECAUSE YOU FIND IT OFFENSIVE…well I find your request offensive to the extreme because no one gives a shit that you are offended. You offend all readers and those that respond in the letter columns. Somehow you two seem to think that we should not as Canadians have the right to express our opinions unless they agree with yours. I think both of you would do well living in Saudi Arabia where neither of you would have the ability to express your opinions. I’m sure there plenty of people out in the real Canada who would be willing to raise money to get you both a flight to that particular country as we don’t need bigots like you. Imagine hating your own countrymen. Shame on you.

‘Would he disapprove of my single heathen lifestyle?’: me and my Syrian refugee lodger

This one of those stories that needs to be shown to let people know that there are some Muslims that respect their new home and women. This is a story of a young woman in Britain who took in a married Muslim man while he waited for his wife and child to arrive. It is an interesting story to read. This is a story that shows not every Muslim is some type of beast. Curiously though this man was a teacher back home with a good education. Maybe this is the common denominator that is needed…education. Well read on…

Yasser and Helen
Yasser and Helen at her home in Manchester

Helen Pidd’s story….“You are not going to like me saying this,” my dad said, “but you need to get a lock on your bedroom door and a lock on your bathroom door. Men can get very frisky when they are away from their wives.”

I rolled my eyes, hung up and panicked. I’d rung my parents to tell them that Yasser, a Syrian refugee, was coming to live with me while he arranged for his wife and baby to join him in Britain. I was a little nervous about the arrangement, but of all the many things worrying me – would he disapprove of my single heathen lifestyle? Could I carry on having bacon butties at the weekend? Should I edit my drinks cupboard? – the possibility of getting molested by my lodger had yet to occur to me. Keep reading, there’s more to learn

Women must integrate, Cameron tells Muslims

This little tidbit came out of Britain in mid January 2016.

The minority of Muslim men in Britain who have “backwards” attitudes to women must be confronted, David Cameron has said, as he vowed to review the role played by Britain’s religious councils, including Sharia courts.

The Prime Minister said that the lack of integration of some Muslim communities allowed “appalling practices” such as female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

He wrote in The Times how he met Muslim women, some of whom “painted an alarming picture of forced gender segregation, discrimination and social isolation from mainstream British life”.

“This is Britain. In this country, women and girls are free to choose how they live, how they dress and who they love. It’s our values that make this country what it is, and it’s only by standing up for them assertively that they will endure,” he wrote.

Cameron will announce on Monday (18 January) a £20m language fund to help the 22% of Muslim women in the UK who have little or no English and raised the prospect that migrants who failed to improve their language skills could lose the chance to remain in Britain. Keep reading, there’s more info!

Female Islamic Professor says rape is an acceptable form of humiliation

Just when you thought Islamic rape and treatment of women couldn’t get any creepier, in walks this blabbering buffoon talking about how it’s OK for Muslim men to rape female prisoners in order to humiliate them.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but we know rape of a woman who is not your significant other is “adultery” and then there’s the whole criminal ordeal that you have to deal with. I’m pretty sure rape is not OK.

I guess this also explains all the Islamic rape parties going on in Europe at the moment.

A timeless document of North American Indians

A timeless document of North American Indians

Edward Curtis undertook one of the greatest photographic odysseys ever when he set out to document North American Indians in the early 20th century. His work now fetches record prices but he died in obscurity. From 2013

Posted by The Economist on Tuesday, December 29, 2015