Eating….you know

Do you ever feel that, with all the talk out there of genetically modified foods, and junk food and sugars and everything else, that you seem to be to afraid to eat.
I feel like everyone out there who tells us what to eat or not to eat is terrorizing us. Don’t get me wrong most of these people are right, we eat lots of crap supplied to us by money hungry corporations. I bet the guys who run don’t eat a 99 cent burger at MacDonalds.
I know what kind of burgers they eat…I once had one…it was delicious with bison meat with exquisite fries it only cost $45.00. No there was no drink, soup or salad with it.
Yup no 99 cent burgers for them.
Anyway, this comes up in mind every time I am on a weight loss diet. It is hard to diet out there with all that tasty crap we are offered. I eat well, lots and lots of veggies, some meat and I try to keep the bad stuff down, but damn it all, I love breads and pastas so I am doomed.
I wish that God in his infinite wisdom had created a world where plants give off all that we needed into the air and we took what was needed into our bodies by osmosis. It would be healthier and it sure would stick it to all those vile junk food vendors out there. One thing though French fries should still be allowed. See, I just can’t escape those urges. It’s true food is better then sex. Whoa…did I just say that? Okay I am off to drink a litre of water to fight off the thought of going out for fries. See ya!