I find it interesting that over the centuries we have related antagonism and war like behaviour to animals. You may note that over time especially cartoonists have always used animals to show our baser instincts. So, why in all this time haven’t we caught on that we are animals and that all we want is to dominate the other animals. Maybe someday we will control our base behaviour. We won’t be here to see it and neither will our children and grandchildren…hell none of us might be here to see it happen…but still we should try. Could you imagine where we could be if we controlled our base instincts.russianbear If we can do it in fictional stories we can do it in reality after all fiction helped create the modern tools we have so creating that perfect society often shown in fiction can also become a reality, if we would only give ourselves the chance and remove the obstacles. We need to recognize all people…men and women are equal and all people are the same no matter the country or nationality. Here’s hoping we can change before mother Earth has enough of us and decides to change the world order after all it has done it before.