To stupid people who think they should discriminate on gays

It’s Christmas time and it is supposed to be a time that we Christians celebrate the birth of the guy after which we are named. Being Catholic, I sometimes get angry at my self for having all sorts of negative thoughts and feelings about certain people or races or other religions. We Christians are supposed to love everyone and turn the other cheek when insulted, attacked, molested et cetra. You know you’ve heard it all before. Because of that we are a great target for other sadistic, nasty religions and others who have nothing to do with religion. Pick on the Christians we don’t fight back. Well for now anyway. This is not what I am gripping about this time though.

Being a Christian, the thing that bugs me the most is something that I make sure I never, never say…and that is the Christ would want it that way. My faults are mine and not his. So, why do I say this? You see I notice a lot of crap lately about gays. People still have a long way to go before being ready to accept these ‘strange people’. We had centuries of being indoctrinated with the idea of gays being deviates. Yes, they are deviates according to the norm but they are Gods deviates. Just like I am, and you are. WE ALL HAVE OUR KINKS.

They like us were born that way so now that we realize this we are becoming accepting. It is good to see that our attitudes are changing towards gays and it is about time. I have been friends with many over the years and I have never been tempted to become gay. Hey, some of you religious idiots out there, did you get that? We do not turn gay by association. We don’t become gay because one day we say , ‘Hey i think I’ll go strump someone of my own sex.’ God has made you gay or not; it is that simple. Let us face it we are becoming accepting of seeing men kiss each other et cetra but for most of us it is still uncomfortable for us to watch but it is probably uncomfortable for a gay couple to watch straight couples do what they do.

Today, I was upset to see so many people, city councils and especially Republicans and other assholes who pick on gays for who they are. What really burns me up is when I hear stupid comments about how Christ would not approve of homosexuals and that we should ban their activities. What a load of crap. Let usput this type of thing to rest because Christ is not the person you should quote.

You know who Christ had a thing against. He had it out for greed, ignorant religious leaders and rich people…especially rich and cruel people. Take a look at the Bible guys, it’s there. So, if you want to criticize and try to ban gays by using Christ’s name then you will have to put rich asshole republicans and other conservatives on the list and then put you own asses on that same list and then I am pretty sure Christ will be happy. Christ did not criticize gays but he did have choice words for the rich and hypocritical religious leaders. To those city officials and religious leaders who try to use Christ to try to legislate gays back to the shadows, try doing something to keep the rich from being cruel, uncaring people instead. Otherwise you are just a bunch of idiotic assholes.