Muslims Everywhere Are Pissed After Mcdonalds Makes HUGE Stand Against Islam

Yup, this is funny. Can’t say i ever heard of a Jew suing anyone for not serving kosher foods. They just don’t in places where Kosher is not served or they just ignore the dietary restriction. Maybe Muslims should consider the same thing but no they are too special…at least in their own minds.

According to recent reports, McDonalds Corporation announced on Monday that two of its Michigan franchises will no longer carry Chicken McNuggets and McChicken sandwiches designed to meet halal dietary requirements.
The decision came in response to a $700,000 settlement in a lawsuit brought by a Muslim man who accused the franchise of not consistently following Muslim law to meet the requirements of “halal” food.

The Dearborn resident filed a suit against McDonald’s after claiming to have “confirmed from a source familiar with the inventory” that the company on occasion sold non-halal meet. Now, the man is sharing the settlement with a Muslim-run Detroit health clinic and Dearborn’s Arab American National Museum.

“I doubt that truly halal compliant businesses would stop offering halal products,” claims Michigan attorney Kassem Dakhlallah.

The company claims it dropped the halal items “to focus on our national core menu” but did not mention the lawsuit.

What do you think? Should McDonalds have been marketing “halal food” in the first place?

Well at least he gave the money to good causes. You just know these type of law suits are going to be cropping up everywhere. Muslims are very good at working the system of any country that they have passively invaded by immigration. Let us see how this goes down over the next few years shall we.