Good to see positive Muslim coverage?

Yes it is always good to see some positive Muslim coverage. One can only hope that in Canada most Muslims will find some form of freedom from back home oppression but let us be serious it is a long way from coming true.

I was reading the letters to the editor of The Hamilton Spectator. Amy Soule says that she is happy to see positive Muslim news. You see she is n observant Jew and she is sick and tired of her religious half-siblings (Muslims) being depicted as terrorists. Okay her idea and hopes are admirable but does she not realize that Jews are totally detested by Muslims. They only want a the destruction of the Jews and of Christians. At least from the Christians, Muslims are willing to try to convert them to Islam but these so-called half-siblings, my dear lady, only want the sheer destruction of Jews. Okay there are a lot of Muslims in Canada who probably are willing to put up with you but if it ever comes down to it…you are toast. As long a Muslims go by the Koran, Jews will NEVER be accepted. So sure they may act nice towards you and some of the younger ones may actually mean it but it isn’t those you have to worry about. It is the majority of Muslims from which you need to take care. By the way I don’t mean to belittle you on the ‘half-sibling’ thing because I do understand it but it is a shame that Muslims don’t see it that way. I just wish it was possible. Christians like myself would like to see the same thing but I fear that it will not be a reality in our lifetime or in many lifetimes. A shame really that your positive feelings will not be reciprocated…a real shame.