WATCH: ISIS Execution Video – Kill Them Wherever You Find Them – Threat to France & West

I put up this video with great hesitation but I have a purpose. This a a really nasty ISIS video which will be hard to watch but it is something that we have to stop hiding from and pretending it doesn’t exist. PC people always like to say that these are only things done by the really radical fundamentalist Muslims and that is true but it is interesting how these same people don’t mind criticizing Christians because of what happened in their PAST history such as the Crusades which really paled by any comparisons to what happened in Europe with the Muslim invasion. The point is that PC don’t seem to even remotely shy away from criticizing any religion that commits some type of atrocity or crime and yet they like to ignore what Muslims do everyday in all Muslim countries. What ISIS does is just one part of it. What about what Islamists are doing to Christians in the Middle East and especially the atrocities committed against Christians in Africa. PC’s seem to ignore that little diddy. What about all the be-headings that happen in Saudi Arabia. It seems that those are ignored by saying that again those are the radicals. Radicals? Really? That is an entire country of radicals and yet because of oil we ignore them and their owning of slaves, beheading of men and women, their female genital mutilations.
Okay once again all the Muslims I know and I deal with never would seem to commit any of these type of crimes but here is the thing. What we really need to see is more….much more Muslims to come forth in the press and other media definitely condemning these acts and show that they find it disgusting Many of course are to afraid to say anything and keep quiet and to themselves because the fear for their lives. Look hundreds of Muslims are killed every day by these terrorists as well as us infidels.
The problem is obviously the tenants of the religion. Christianity in the New Testament shuns violence and promotes only love of everyone even the enemy….it does not tell us to hate any people or religion. The New Testament of the Koran does not. It is pretty clear that if you are any other religion other than Muslim then you are not really a person. Muslims can say it is a religion of peace all it wants but the Koran says differently. If it wasn’t, then why are some Muslims trying to rewrite changes to alter this perception? this of course is a good thing.
We need more Muslims who show they are not afraid of their peers. Ones who announce they have converted to any other religion.We need ones who clearly announce they married a person from another religion without the other person converting. We need more Muslims who shed the type of clothing they wear once in Canada. We need them to show they are true Canadians and do not get upset when something happens in their homelands. I am from Italy but I do not put anything that happens over there before Canadian interests….not politics and not religion. That is what we need to see from Muslims….what we do not need to see, is Muslims parading around in their new home chanting the down fall of their new home and calling for killing the people of their new home. We are definitely not in the mood to hear that they want to see Sharia become the law of the land. So there it is. Until we see these changes then what you will see in this video is the impression that stays in peoples minds even while they try to be tolerant of our new refugees. This is hard of course when we see and hear what is happening in Germany and other European countries with their horrendous influx of refugees. The main press and media can try to hide and white wash but the internet can’t be hidden as easily and the average person will post and report on what is really happening in Europe. They are terrified. Rapes and violence is getting out of hand. Citizens are arming themselves and this is because the immigrants have been trained by their Imans and Holy Book to treat the infidel as nothing but toys and pets of a Muslim…we are here to satisfy their desires because as non Muslims they have been brought up to believe we are lower than dirt. They know no better and most Muslims still applaud what ISIS does and if not they use what they do to further their own agenda. Well enough for now. Watch the video but be warned it is very explicit and bloody.