Outrage as German Mayor Tells Parents to Dress School Kids Modestly to Stop ‘Provoking’ Refugees

This article is just the beginning of Europeans caving in to Muslim immigrants. Again the rule seems to be that the natives have to change to suit the immigrants. Never in the countless years has this been the case…only for Muslims. Is it any wonder that so many people are disgusted by them and want them out. Immigrants are supposed to blend with the society to go to but the religion is an arrogant religion as it now stands forcing others to change to their rules. Luckily there are some Muslim scholars and regular Muslim people who are attempting to change this at risk to their lives but until that changes the rules should be simple…first time you fcuk up you are out…plain and simple.

Asking school kids to change their way of life is not only absurd but cowardly. Anyone of any nationality or religion committing these acts of abuse against anyone should go to prison or in the case of immigrants, they get the boot out. Simple…what is the problem. Does Germany and other countries really think they are going to look like the bad guys for protecting their countries…really> This is bullshit. If immigrants want to come to another country they should be held to a higher standards. My father told me when we came from Italy to Canada that we had to be at our best and put up with any small abuses because we were accepted to come here and that was special. I was told to keep my culture but to remember to learn to be Canadian. This should be the rule for Muslim immigrants even more so because their rep and shit hot. Any way here is the article read on and remember political correctness is the not solution it is the problem.

It is beyond understanding that public officials an various parts of the Western world have chosen to accommodate and ignore the uncivilized behavior of Muslim immigrants who have been invited into various western countries.

The immigrants have come due to purported violence and civil war in their own country of Syria, however, many of the “refugees” are not Syrians, but are taking advantage of the graciousness of host countries. Now commonly exhibited are crime, sexual harassment and misogyny, and the inability to assimilate peacefully into the new environment to which they have been invited. And somehow, government officials seek to ignore the actions and to blame the host citizens for the bad actions of the migrants.

Germany is host to perhaps one million migrants, and Germany has seen severe problems with lawlessness and sexual attacks and harassment of women and girls. The response by one mayor of a small German community? He suggested that elementary school age girls take other routes to school rather than go through immigrant “hot spots” and said the young girls should not “provoke” the refugees by the way that they dress!

Mayor Blames Residents, Threatens Citizens

The town of Bad Schlema is in central Germany. It as about 5,500 residents, and now hosts 85 refugees. A city council meeting was held recently to discuss the harassment by the refugees towards the young girls, and about 100 people showed up. It turns out the mayor blames the citizens, not the immigrants.

The grandfather of an elementary school girl “under 10” said the children have been harassed by refugees on their way to school. The man asked Bad Schlema’s mayor Jens Muller about his plans to prevent sexual assaults by refugees on girls in the community, particularly when the weather gets warmer and people dress more lightly.

“That’s easy,” Muller said. “Just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.”

The crowd at the town hall meeting went crazy over the comment and the grandfather responded by saying: “Who the hell elected you? They come here and we’re not allowed to walk here anymore!”

When the crowd finally calmed down, the mayor followed up by saying: “It’s technically not necessary for the girls to walk there. There are alternative routes for going to school.”

The mayor also threatened to call the police if the crowd would not calm down. It was not reported if any of the immigrants attended the meeting, but countries facing these types of actions from immigrants should recognize they are seeding the ground for their own countries demise.

While it is appropriate to welcome those fleeing war, it is critical that refugees understand and are held to a standard of conduct that exists in the host country. And while it is acceptable for immigrants to practice their own cultural and religious activities, it is not okay to impose those on the host country. And both immigrants and government officials must learn to accept that fact.