There be cowards abounding


Like I’ve always said it is easy to criticize or make fun of the GOOD religions that don’t threaten to kill you.

Ed Reliuga a friend of mine had a few choice words to say.

It’s the blatant HYPOCRISY that really ‘gets me’ .

The mainstream media like the New York Times and CNN had no problem discerning how offensive the Charlie Hebdo images of Mohammed might be to the world’s Islamic community. They readily censored those; probably with some sort of disclaimer expressing their organizations’ sensitivity towards “the religion of peace”.

Yet….these same mainstream media had no problem publishing or broadcasting images of a crucifix immersed in a large jar of urine. Where was the general sense of “sensitivity” towards Catholics and Christians then? And now, the New York Times readily publishes an image that is clearly offensive to Catholics. The Hypocrisy makes me sick.

Here’s the thing, I don’t believe in censorship. I feel that , offensive or not, people have the right to express themselves (and we have the right to ignore them). Furthermore, as media outlets, reporting news and social events, I get it….they SHOULD publish or broadcast even those things that are objectionable to one group or another. The crucifix in a jar of urine , while questionable as art, is still someone’s statement. That artist had a right to create his “art” and to make his “statement”. The same goes for the “condom image” of the Pope. Objectionable or not, it’s “art” and it expresses a statement. I might not agree…..but I defend the right ….but question the need ….to publish or broadcast said “art”.

This brings us to ask that the same standard be used to publish Charlie Hebdo or Danish cartoons of Mohammed. The only real reason that they were not given the same exposure as “art” offensive to Christians was FEAR or a total submission to some sort of Liberal Manifesto that includes submission to Islam (there are a variety of reasons why this might be so: immigration world-wide in an effort to further this “Manifesto” of global socialism. But that’s another story but, nevertheless, the hypocrisy is glaring.

Wow, Ed we are in agreement on something. It was well said. The media and most people are so afraid of Muslim terrorists that they will kiss their asses rather than stick to their principles. It is always easy to stick to the principles of freedom of speech until someone threatens you for doing so. Then, we can all see who the cowards are, who only pretend to believe in this freedom we hold so dearly. Use it or lose it, people. Hitler proved this point a long time ago and oh, so did Stalin.