Dirty Tricks…time for HARPER to go…enough is enough


Pay close attention, watch out for dirty tricks and tactics including “false flags” which CBC News exclusively reported on which could be used leading up to the 2015 October Federal election to include real or foiled terror plots which will be hatched to make those (including political parties) who have been opposed to Bill C-51 appear soft on terror, to help the conservatives “mass market” their continued fear and terror propaganda campaign to win over voters for the election.

“Expect more terror plots to be uncovered before Canada’s October federal election.” Journalist Thomas Walkom writes for the Toronto Star

The article continues “Don’t be surprised if more well-publicized terrorist plots are uncovered in the months leading up to the scheduled October vote. And don’t be surprised if Harper and his ministers make political hay from them.”

References: Harper conservatives caught promoting terrorist propaganda , and caught promoting anti-muslim sentiment , for all of the talk about “keeping us safe”, they were caught putting our Canadian special forces soldiers in danger by publicizing their faces.

CBC News exclusively reported on top secret documents retrieved by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden showing that Stephen Harper’s conservative government which is connected with CSEC has reported tools and capabilities at their disposal including: “using false-flags — ie. making a target think another country conducted the operation”

“top-secret documents released to CBC News and The Intercept illustrate the development of a large stockpile of Canadian cyber-spy capabilities that go beyond hacking for intelligence, including:

■destroying infrastructure, which could include electricity, transportation or banking systems;
■creating unrest by using false-flags — ie. making a target think another country conducted the operation;
■disrupting online traffic by such techniques as deleting emails, freezing internet connections, blocking websites and redirecting wire money transfers.”

International News reported: False flags & cyber wars: New Snowden leaks reveal Canada spy agency’s ‘deception toolbox’ which includes – ‘False flag operations’: these create damage and then leave a trail of evidence that pins the blame on another country or agent;

THE INTERCEPT- “A false-flag operation usually means carrying out an attack, but making it look like it was performed by another group — in this case, likely another government or hacker. Effects operations can involve sending out propaganda across social media or disrupting communications services. The newly revealed documents also reveal that CSE says it can plant a “honeypot” as part of its deception tactics, possibly a reference to some sort of bait posted online that lures in targets so that they can be hacked or monitored.” http://bit.ly/1N0wdPm

Bill C-51 disruption: Part of C-51 includes new proposed new powers to “disrupt” threats to national security, including preventing individuals from travelling abroad, interfering with money transfers and financing, disruption of websites, manipulation and removal of content on computers, and countering of propaganda and social media messaging.” This entry was posted in Uncategorized on by .