Liberals win due to lazy voters…really?

A response to MR. JOHN VALERI of Waterdown concerning his letter to the Spectator. He says that the only reason the Liberals won in the last provincial election was because of low voter turn out. He says they only won because 50% of the voters did not go out to vote. He says we got the government we deserved. Well sir, you are right we did get the government we deserved. You have obviously missed the point here and that is the it wasn’t 50% of the voters who didn’t turn out, it was 50% of the voters who did not want to vote liberal but they were going to be damned if they voted for a wing-nut like…what the hell was his name …. oh yeah…. TIM HUDAK. Maybe, sir you should chew on that for a while because yes the voters who turned out got what they wanted.