‘Hug a Terrorist’ campaign is insulting and offensive

A pro- Palestinian campaign at McMaster University is an insulting piece of crap and the students involved should be heavily chastised. After everything that is going on around the world involving terrorists, this is the best they could come up with to bring more light on to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…really?

The university’s Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) group is held a “Hug a Terrorist” event in the student centre Thursday with hopes of raising awareness of the civilians — particularly children — being killed in Gaza.

The event (based on a controversial viral video of the same nature filmed in Toronto this summer) will feature a handful of children in the student centre atrium asking for hugs while holding signs that say “Hug a Terrorist.”

The idea is to “put a face to the children who, every day, are facing harsh realities of the (Israeli-Palestinian) conflict,” said SPHR president and Mac student Yara Shoufani, adding civilian and even child victims are often described as terrorists as a way of justifying the attacks.

The idea of connecting images of children and saying hug a terrorist is so insulting that it is offensive. Really are trying to say those children are terrorists? I doubt it but that is the impression it gives, and that is sick.

Ira Rosen, of the Hamilton Jewish Federation Public Relations Committee wrote in a letter to the Hamilton Spectator in which he stated, “This stunt is morally reprehensible and deeply offensive and casts the very real human suffering caused by terrorists as a joke. It is an insult to the memory of Canadians, indeed to all people, who have fought and died at the hands of terrorists.

Moreover, it does nothing to contribute to a genuine understanding of the Israeli-Arab conflict, let alone promote a peace that benefits both sides. We look forward to the day that Palestinian activists unequivocally disavow terrorism and affirm the right of Israeli children to live in security. Until then, such grotesque campaigns will only continue to betray the safety and security of all children and the legitimate interests of all Israelis and Palestinians.”

This is nothing more than a stupid stunt by stupid people who think they understand a conflict that accuses the wrong people. No one wants to see children or anyone being killed
but as long as Hamas controls Palestine the Israelis are not safe and they should be. The Palestinians should be safe as well but our involvement in the wrong manner does not help and in today’s society where we are constantly bombarded by news stories of terrorists around the world, are you so stupid that you do not see how insulting this is to to everyone and especially your campaign because you will get no support from the majority with the idea of hugging a terrorist. Now was a stupid time to use this stunt, especially with the terrorist killing of Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent. Obviously a university education doesn’t always give some common sense.