Ahmadinejad taken to task over a hug…really

Normally I have no sympathy or love for Ahmadinenutjob, but today, being in the sad mood I am in I can even feel sorry for him. Why? Well, it seems that while he was at Hugo Chavez’s funeral in Venezuela he made an Islamic no-no and was chastised, harshly by Islamic clerics in Iran.
So what did he do? He consoled Chavez’s mother by giving her a gentle hug. Can you believe this, well it’s true. If you are not aware this medieval religion still condemns you if you are male and touch a female of any age that is not related to you. It goes against strict Islamic codes of Iran. What a stupid, moronic thing to believe in, really. Hugs are strictly forbidden, inappropriate behaviour under any conditions and the ayatollahs scolded him for hurting the dignity of the presidency of the Republic of Iran.

Like I’ve always said…what a stupid, religious dogma, Islam is. Hopefully not all go along with this crap in the modern day, at least in the ‘civilized world’. For once Ahmadinenutjob did some caring and nice gesture and I actually feel sorry that he was criticized like that. You did well, Mahmoud, for once but unfortunately they will probably make sure you will not stay in the presidency in the net election, but you did well for the mother of a man who did well for his country. Sometimes a person can be forgiven much, by such a gesture and if Allah (God) sees in your heart that it was well intentioned then it will go a long way towards being forgiven for many of your bad deeds. ‘Nuff said.