So long Dave

My friend Dave passed away Monday night.

He suffered a stroke and was hospitalized for a few weeks. It seemed for awhile things were going to get better. A few days ago he suffered a another massive stroke and he was pretty well paralyzed.

Dave was helping me with my Tai Chi since I met him and somehow he became something more. He became a friend with whom I had an instant connection. This doesn’t happen that often and it is special and that is why his loss has hit me pretty hard. I’m going to miss him a lot. Unfortunately, who ever is in charge of our lives really cares little and when our time comes, it just comes. How you handle it is important and Dave handled it well. I praciced some Tai Chi moves with him every time I went to see him. The moves just came from him like second nature. On the last day even with only his right arm barely moving he still made moves with his hands to push hands, as I held it. He amazed me with his perseverance, in spite of his condition. Dave was that dedicated to our study. I will miss him.

I was really lucky to have met him when I did. He helped keep me in Tai Chi when I thought I would quit. Most of all he showed me how to be brave in spite of the curve balls the universe can hit you with. Now he’s off, bravely, to start a new adventure. God be with you, Dave and we will all miss you.

…and Dave, don’t worry, I will try my hardest not to break the wrist when I swing that sabre. Farewell buddy!