A beautiful world…Gratitude


I think that I can actually say that the greatest gift I could ever receive, from God, the Universe, whoever, before I died, would be to see and know that everything in this video would come true. I would like to be able to see everything in this world that the video presents to us. The greatest gift that I could ever have would be to know that everyone saw the greatness of the world and its people. No greater gift could I receive then to see this happen in my lifetime. It probably will not happen but I can dream and hope and pray that it did. To see the end of hate, war, bigotry and religious intolerance would be incredible. To see the world as the narrator sees it would be amazing. Actually, even if I don’t see this, there is no reason that I cannot see the beauty he sees and speaks about. I actually never thought that when I look at the clouds I would never, ever see the same formation ever again, just like never seeing two snowflakes that look alike. It is amazing to think of what is said in this video. Please watch it and enjoy it and think on it; your life will never quite be the same as long as you want to accept the words and images. Things can be so beautiful, if only there were no detractors. Someday, hopefully it may come true. Enjoy.