STOP blaming the Pope

Okay people; stop blaming the Pope for all the crimes of those under him. He is not personally responsible for the stupidly and darn right evil things that some priests have committed. We do not blame our Prime Minister or The President for crimes committed by citizens, under their rule. These priests should be punished by the law as if they were regular citizens and if others such as bishops hide these facts from the law, then they should be punished as well. It’s that simple. Past crimes that have been committed by priests in the past and are finally exposed are no different than if a regular person committed a crime and it is finally found out. Bishops and cardinals have hidden these crimes just as some police officers have hidden crimes committed by their fellows. When these crimes are found out then charge and try them, so that the unfortunate victims can get some justice. Unless you have some type of proof that the Pope hid these crimes…then stop blaming the Pope. Move on; find something else to bitch about and let justice take its course.