Beheaders, Cannibals and Murderers: See the Vicious Scum that Obama Supports in Syria

I am not too happy with Obama when it comes to his stance on the Syrian asshole rebels. He seems to find it okay to support Christian-beheading Islamists, cannibals, murderers and an international assortment of al-Qaeda linked terrorists: this is the motley gang of criminals that Barack Obama, John Kerry, US House Speaker John Boehner, and House majority leader Eric Cantor want the American public to support in Syria.

It is largely thanks to the power of the Internet that the wider public are able to see for themselves the shocking rogues’ gallery of evil which the Obama regime and its allies are supporting with supplies, and now wish to support with direct military action.

It is pretty hard to want to help heart eating rebels. Let me re-state this…no one in the Western world should even consider helping these savage rebel Islamists in Syria. Besides it is an internal fight and we should all stay out…period…we don’t belong there helping either side.