Ha, ha…you gotta laugh at this…actually it’s kind of sad.

American Shiites Violently Attacked by Sunnis at Hajj

The Americans say the Saudi police laughed at them when they reported the incident and went to them for help.

A group of 10 American Shiite Muslims in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj reported being attacked by a large group of extremist Sunnis believed to be Salafis. The group was accosted in Mina, a city where pilgrims are required to stay overnight, when the Sunni group began asking different groups if they were American.

When the American group identified themselves, and further said they were Shiites, the armed men began attacking them with knives and other weapons. The Americans reported that the men shouted at them, “Our [holy pilgrimage] will be complete once we have killed you, ripped out your hearts and eaten them, and [then] raped your women.”

Further, the men continued by saying, “We’re going to do Karbala all over again,” referring to an incident where the grandson of Mohammed was attacked and killed after being made to watch the killing of his family.

The Americans escaped the attack alive, but suffered broken bones, bruises and black eyes. One American reported an attempted strangulation. Complaints to the Saudi police were met with indifference, laughter and a refusal to take action, according to the Americans, who were mostly from Dearborn, Michigan.

After showing the police footage of the attack taken by cell phones, the Americans reported that the cell phones were confiscated by an officer, the incriminating videos were deleted in front of them and the phones were returned without a word.

The Americans also say that their later pleas to the American Embassy for help were rebuffed, with Embassy officials saying the Embassy could only provide assistance if someone had been killed.

In previous years, Shiite Americans as well as Canadians and other Westerners also reported being assaulted, with some saying they were arrested for reporting the incidents.

The Washington Times quoted one of the victims, a dentist from Michigan as saying, “I personally thought it was the end,” he said. “You always hear about how nice [the Hajj] is supposed to be … If this wasn’t the House of God, I would say that I never want to come back.”

All of the witnesses refused to identify themselves fearing reprisals by Saudi authorities.

It’s nice to see that after centuries Muslim Arabs are still continuing with the time honoured tradition of massacring each other. Then again every other nation seems to do the same thing. It seems that we all believe in a God of peace that requires we kill in his name…makes you want to laugh or cry doesn’t it?