Stupid idiot Cardinal…and I don’t mean the bird

Okay, I will cut my laugh short otherwise this entire entry would consist of one big line of hysterical laughter. Okay you’re wondering why by now right?

Well it’s all about what a certain CARDINAL ROGER MAHONY wrote on his blog. First off , you need to understand that I am Catholic and I have a strong belief in Christ but the Church itself…well let’s say at times it’s Iffy. Okay back to the main reason of my laughter. The good Cardinal has been said to have shielded child molesting priests for the sake of Catholicism. Okay fine some misplaced loyalty…ah hell…he was an ass if he did do this. It’s bad enough if he really did this but then he goes online and says something so stupid and only laughter will make me say what I really feel.

Cardinal Roger Mahony says that over a number of days he has been confronted in various places by very unhappy people. No shit Sherlock, Okay, he says that he could understand the depth of their anger and outrage that they directed towards him, the Church and about all the injustices that swirl around the Church. This is awfully nice of him, don’t you think?

Now he proceeds to stick his asshole in his mouth, state that by the special grace of God, he simply stood there and asked God to bless and forgive these critics as if they are the ones that need forgiving. He acts as if he’s the good guy in all this. It’s as if he believes he’s the one who is humiliated and not the victims of this scandal he helped cover up. It seems as if he really feels he had nothing to do with their frustrations and rage that they were made to feel against the Catholic Church. Sometimes, someone from the Vatican should come down from Rome and smack assholes like him across the head. Thanks to these deviant men and those that cover this crap up, it just makes honest and decent priests look bad.

Now I have no love for idiots like this Cardinal and more than often I have said that as far as I am concerned organized religion, churches, mosques and temples should all disappear so that we would have less crap out there. There is nothing wrong with any religion, it’s only the priests, the imams, the ayatollahs and other power hungry religious leaders who screw up our belief in God or Christ or Mohammad. We need to go by Christ’s words, who said, turn over any rock or piece of wood and there is where you will find him, not in a Church. Unfortunately, under the guise of being religious we have suicide bombers, terrorists, killers, strange cults and deviants who prey on children.

Religious leaders distort religion for their own purposes; they abuse people mentally and physically and psychologically to the point of that their victims accept sexual abuse, and are even willing to blow them selves up for some imaginary 72 virgins. Religion is abused by idiots like this Cardinal and we will continue to have abuses as long as we accept the versions of religion that we are force fed by zealot religious leaders who only thrive for power.

So, all of you who have been abused by any religion and you are still alive then I would strongly recommend that you believe in religion if you must but do not believe or trust in the earthly pretend leaders who try to control your mind. At the same time try to believe that there are good men and women who sincerely mean to do good using religion. It would also be a good idea if law enforcement made sure that religious leaders are punished just like any other criminals. Religious dogma of any sort is hard to remove from our collective conscience but if we want some kind of true peace on Earth we have to show these leaders that if they do wrong, they will receive punishment. Politicians have to stop cow towing to all religions around the world and then maybe we can have some peace.

Now that being said, it has to be understood that predators will always exist and that even if you get rid of all religions they will still be among us. So, now I am going back to having a good howl at this idiot Cardinal and sit back and try to figure out if the Pope has just retired because he has had enough of the hypocrisy of religion because he knows just how dangerous religion can be.