2 thoughts on “Just a good laugh for all you baby boomers

  1. John Doe

    Can you baby boomers just hurry up and die already? The younger generations hate you for what you have done to society, you boomers have destroyed society with your feminism, your liberalism, your pro-homosexuality, your multiculturalism, etc etc etc. In short, you baby boomers ruined America. Can’t you just hurry up and die already, so that we young people can start fixing the mess that YOUR generation created?

    1. vinnie Post author

      HAHAHAHAHAHA….ungrateful welp that you be. I guess you are right we ruined America so bad that you have such a horrible life. All baby boomers would you all proceed to your nearest cliff and jump off so this dumb ass can improve the world. I’m sure they can do it from their couch while chomping on fast food and drinking Red Bull until their prostrates clog up so bad that they explode. They have a shit load of video games to play so they can help save the world. let’s go people hop to it. One, two , three…jump.

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