TODAY I wondered why am I doing a blog like this. It takes up time and keeps me on the computer longer than I really want to be. I figured that like most bloggers we feel the need to have people read about what we really feel. Sometimes I guess it cathartic to dump all our crap on you, the reader. We get to get things off our chest and hopefully find people who may agree with your feelings or at least want to read about what the blooger has to say. More than likely you are like the blogger and want to find a place where someone else feels the same way you do about things. Do you think that is the case? Is that why you are reading this blog?

I hope that when I put my thoughts to paper (so to speak) that it helps or entertain you in some way while I pass on ideas and entertaining bits your way. I try to write about all sorts of things but sometimes I find that I write too much about one thing in particular and I wish I didn’t have to but unfortunately it is the ‘soup de jour’. I guess that part is to allow me to vent about thinmgs that terrify me and cause me to wonder about where the world is headed in the future. Will the world be a savfe place to live in or will our children’s children be condemned to live a life for religionous dogma that is of the worst kind or will the the occurences that are in our everyday lives even be important if we destroy our selves in a religious war that we are currently in. Then again we we even survive the damage we are doing to the planet or that possible invasion from the stars that may someday come because after all we are letting the universe know we are here waiting. So much to think about and worry about.

Well, if somebody would let me win the big multi million dolar lottery then I wouldn’t worry so much…wait not true….I would probably worry about losing it all.

I guess when it comes right down to it it would be best if we lived our life for today and enjoy the small amount of time we have and let the next generations worry about their lives, whether it be war, religious upheavel or invasion from the stars. I gues if it is important to us we will do what we need to keep what we have and we have to trust that they will do likewise.
Okay I have vented enough for now, so on to making supper. Enjoy your life and you supper. Peace and out.