Criticism of Islam, or any religion should not ever be considered a crime

The Organization of the Islamic Conference has actually tried to get the United Nations to pass a resolution that would make criticism of Islam a crime. They are basically asking the people of the world to make Islam a protected religion that would prevent any person, political leader or government from criticising it and any of it’s medieval laws, such as the treatment of women, anywhere. So if Muslims living in Canada restricted what women could do, then not even the government or police could stop them because if you criticize them then you are breaking a world law.

Okay, can you all yell with me… “WHAT THE F’N BULLSHIT IS THIS!”

Really, can you believe the audacity of these Muslim fundamentists. This goes to show that as far as Islam is concerned they are making it perfectly clear that all other religions are beneath contempt and if the UN were to pass this law it would show the contempt that the UN has for the real world. Pass this law and there will be a lot of people going to jail or the UN will push the people of the world into a religious war., If this is the intention of the United Nations then they will succeed.

Maybe it is also high time that all the other religions of the world asked for the same protection, making the entire world run by a theocracy. Now that would be a world not to live in.