It never ceases to amazing me why any Westerners would ever be insane enough to vacation in any Middle East country. Why? Don’t you realize that you take your life in your own hands. Their rules are so insane that you have to be a total ignoramus to even consider going on a vacation there.

Now I really thought that maybe since Dubai is doing everything it can to bring vacationers to their country, they would do everything to make them feel safe. They have built an amazing vacation spot…BUT…they do not protect you. They expect you to abide by their insane Islamic laws, which they have a right to expect. So, if you are brainless enough to vacation or work there, then you deserve what you get. If people abandoned the evil shores maybe they would change to help keep the vacationers coming but I wouldn’t bet your life on it. Read this article and then realize that you take your freedom and maybe your life in your own hands. Maybe as these type of stories come out more people will abandon their plans to vacation there.

International Injustice: Norwegian Woman Raped In Dubai, Sentenced To Prison For Reporting It Author: T. Steelman July 18, 2013

When she took a trip to the United Arab Emirates, the 25-year-old could never have foreseen the horrible turn her visit would take. The woman went to Dubai this past March on business and was raped. Thinking that the police would help her, she reported the rape to them… and ended up in jail, her passport stripped from her. She spent three days there before she was allowed to use a phone to call her family. They, in turn, called the Foreign Ministry and the Norwegian Consulate, who were able to get the woman released into their custody. They took her to the local Norwegian Seaman’s Center, where she stayed for 6 months until her sentencing.

If that’s not enough to outrage you, her sentence will be: that she will be spending 16 months in jail. Alone, in a foreign jail, serving a sentence for having the temerity to get herself raped. Oh, and for drinking alcohol. Mustn’t forget that.

The woman told her supporters:
“I received the harshest sentence for sex outside marriage, harshest sentence for drinking alcohol and on top of that I was found guilty of perjury.”

Oh, right – perjury. Her attacker? He is serving just 13 months. He must have confessed to the rape because that – besides a rape being witnessed by 4 adult Muslim males (as if they’d rat out a buddy) – is the only way he would have been arrested for the crime. So, perjury? Insult to injury. And since Norway has no extradition treaty with the UAE, it is unclear whether she can be rescued from this harsh fate.

The UAE is ruled by Sharia Law, which boasts some of the strictest laws in the region. No alcohol, no sex outside of marriage, no drugs (even some prescription drugs), no hand-holding or other signs of affection between unmarried couples and (of course) no homosexuality. Now, one must bow to local law and customs when visiting another country, but one must also expect that when they are the victim of a crime, they ought to be able to find redress and aid, not be thrown into jail.

This is not the first time a foreign woman has been treated this way in Dubai. Earlier this year, a 27-year-old Australian woman, who was working at the Starwood hotel chain, was roofied and raped by three men who worked with her. She went to a hospital for help but they turned her over to the police, who charged her with having illicit sex outside of marriage.

This, right here, is a major reason that nobody has to worry about Sharia law being imposed in America – nobody would put up with it. It’s bad enough here, with the rape culture in which we live, but Sharia law is just plain crazy. However, what can you expect from a culture that values women so little, controlling and demonizing them? The Middle East is the cradle of civilization, where goddesses like Ishtar and Inanna were once worshiped and, women, their earthly representatives, were treated with honor and love. How petty of the men of that region to now crush their women and value them as mere chattel, allowing the harshest penalties for them, even if they are they victims.

That a woman from another country and culture would be held to their laws in such an unfair way is repellant. It may be that the United Nations could get involved – let’s remain hopeful that they would be able to get her home if they do step in.

I guess she should get comfortable because I don’t think the United Nations will get her out. I bet she will never set foot in that country again for pleasure or as in her case for work.