7 Things You Can’t Say in Canada

I came across this READER’S DIGEST article that I found interesting, so I’m sharing. I will post each of the 7 items in separate posts. You might find that there are a lot more important things you can’t say in Canada. Feel free to express your opinions.

Influential columnist Margaret Wente shares her controversial opinion on seven sacred Canadian cows most dare not criticize.
Every culture has its unacknowledged taboos—the things you are forbidden to say or do in polite company, the accepted truths you are not allowed to doubt. You might think that a liberal, pen-minded country like Canada would be free of such taboos, but you’d be wrong. In spite of our belief in our own enlightened tolerance, some things are simply not open to debate. If you try, you’re bound to shock the neighbours. It’s risky to question the wisdom of the tribe. You might get stoned. On the other hand, some people might
sneak up to you afterwards and confess that they secretly agree.
So here’s a challenge to a few of our nation’s most widely held beliefs. You say these things in public at your own peril. I will be elaborating on these points over the months to come. Feel free to stone me or secretly agree—or, even better, add to the list. At the very least, they’re sure to start a good dinner-party fight.