Well we couldn’t keep the looney toonies out of Canada forever

A Canadian terror suspect detonated a bomb in the back seat of a taxi as police closed in on Wednesday, authorities say.

Aaron Driver wounded himself and the cab driver, before police opened fire in Strathroy, Ontario, said officials.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police told a news conference that Driver, who died, was in the final stages of a homemade bomb plot.

Deputy Commissioner Mike Cabana said the FBI had supplied them with credible information, including a “martyrdom” video.

He said the evidence suggested Driver had planned a suicide attack within 72 hours targeting an unspecified urban centre during rush hour.

It showed a masked man, identified by investigators as Driver, decrying western “enemies of Islam” and quoting Koranic verses.

“Oh Canada, you received many warnings, you were told many times what would become of those who fight against the Islamic State,” the person in the video said.

The suspect warned the only solution would be the “spilling of your blood”.

Driver – who converted to Islam in his teens – was described by the authorities as a known sympathiser of the so-called Islamic State.

He was placed under a terrorism-related peace bond this year after he was arrested in Winnipeg in June 2015 for openly supporting the Islamic State group on social media.

Driver – who used the alias Harun Abdurahman – was also allegedly in contact in 2015 with a UK-born youth who was later arrested for an alleged Australian terror plot.

Driver – who used the alias Harun Abdurahman – was also allegedly in contact in 2015 with a UK-born youth who was later arrested for an alleged Australian terror plot.

His estranged father, Wayne Driver, told news outlets he was saddened by his son’s death but not surprised.

“Our worst nightmare has come true,” Mr Driver told the National Post newspaper.

“Aaron was a good kid who went down a dark path and couldn’t find the light again.”

That dark path is Islam. More via: ‘We thirst for your blood,’ Aaron Driver warned Canada in video threat | Toronto Star

The RCMP showed a video at the news conference in which a masked man they identified as Driver, 24, warns, “O Canada, you received many warnings… You were told many times what would happen.”

The man continues: “You saw bodies of the filthy French lying in the streets. You still have much to pay for.”

“For this we thirst for your blood,” he said. “You will pay for everything you brought against us.”

The RCMP says Driver planned to attack a major urban centre during the morning or afternoon rush hour this week, but added they were not sure which community he planned to hit.

“Mr. Driver was looking for a location that was highly populated,” said RCMP Acting-Commander Jennifer Strachan.

He was under a court order not to associate with any terrorist organization, including Daesh, an Islamist terrorist group also known as ISIS or ISIL.

After Driver’s arrest in Winnipeg last summer, he was released on a peace bond, court documents show. He agreed to follow a list of conditions: he was made to wear an electronic monitoring device and wasn’t allowed to use a computer. He also had to remain in the city and not move away without court permission, surrender his passport and any firearms or prohibited weapons, observe a 9 p.m. curfew, let the RCMP check his phone upon request and participate in religious counseling.

Driver was allowed to move to Strathroy, where he lived on Park St. for the past several months. Court documents show the conditions of his peace bond also applied in Ontario.

The peace bond’s requirements about cellphone and computer usage were set to expire August 31, while all the other requirements stayed in place. Driver’s peace bond was valid for 10 months and was set to expire Dec 1.

Police and government officials have been tight-lipped about the violent events that unfolded in the small town near London, Ont., but the Canadian Press reported that Driver was killed after speaking with a source close to the situation on condition of anonymity.

The “known wolf’s” full Islamic martyrdom video can be seen below.

He also knew and supported the Garland jihadists:

he tweeted after the May 3, 2015, Curtis Culwell Center attack in Garland, Tex., and he nods. “First of all, I knew the brother who carried out the attack,” he says. “I had extremely good dealings with him. He was one of the best brothers I knew on Twitter.

“Secondly, he went and attacked people who were slandering the Prophet. So I don’t have anything bad to say about him.” For Driver, the punishment for someone who slanders the Prophet should indeed be death, but this should only occur within the context of a legitimate Islamic State. “I don’t believe in vigilante justice,” he says. “I don’t believe in random Muslims having the right to attack and kill people who they believe have insulted Islam.”