Naming bridges after fallen officers in Hamilton

Hamilton is pondering whether to or not to name bridges after fallen police officers. This is not a bad idea but we should also consider naming them after fallen firemen who risk their lives a lot more than police officers do. Everyone is pretty up with doing this in Hamilton. BUT….some idiots decided that we should also name them after officers who committed suicide because of on duty pressures. Okay I don’t know who the moron is who suggested this but that person is an IDIOT. Why would you honour those who can not take the pressure of life and end it. Is this what we want to tell our youth? Do we want to give them the idea that suicide is painless and that it is a great way to go and that we even honour and glorify people who kill themselves. What type of idiot would even suggest something like this? Why the Spectator would even decide to run this as a front page story is beyond me. Seriously, let’s hope that Hamilton City Council will not embarrass the people of Hamilton by even considering this idiotic proposal. The stupidity of some people amazes me.