It’s easy to make fun of the the Pope…he doesn’t threaten to blow you up

poperetiredcartoonMany Catholics like me were somewhat upset over the way the Hamilton Spectator and other papers made fun of the Pope’s retirement. I understand that there are many people that are atheists out there and of course there are those of different beliefs and to them the Pope is just another guy in funny robes that gets mired in politics and scandals. Now I don’t really care that they feel they can insult or make fun of our religious leader as I do believe with every fiber of my being in the right of free speech. What pisses me off something fierce is when then attitude is not extended to all religions of personalities. See the problem is that it is easy to poke fun at Catholics, Buddhists, Protestants et cetra. Why? Well for one thing unlike one particular religion they don’t threaten to blow you up for insulting their leaders, prophets and God. Now if you feel as, a newspaper or TV news show that you can comment about one religion but due to certain sensitivities you can’t show cartoons about leaders of a religion that threatens to blow you up, well guys that is plain hypocrisy. If you can’t treat all religions the same then don’t comment on them at all.
The Spectator commented that because the Pope retiring is such big news that it is expected that cartoonists and reporters would comment on it all over the world. Criticisms are usually the heaviest in Catholic countries and that is because the Catholic religion and other religions accept that freedom of speech allows for this. Of course those same countries and reporters slink away like cowards when it comes to commenting on the Muslim religion because they fear for their lives every time they try to comment on it. It is easy after all to insult and criticize without mercy religions that don’t threaten to blow you up or riot because of your comments protected by democratic freedom of speech.
So go ahead and pick on an old man and a religion that gives you the freedom to make comments without, worrying, about your life being brought to a sudden end . Go ahead and continue to do this while you can because you never know when that worm can turn or when a new world order takes that freedom from you.
Look, it’s simple if you are going to threat one religion with disrespect then have the balls to treat all world religions the same way even if that religion threatens to kill you. If you do this then you will gain the respect, of everyone, maybe even those who feel they can bully you into submission. After all aren’t we constantly telling our children that bullies are just cowards and that we should stand up to them.
So, I don’t expect the papers and cartoonists, to stop commenting, I just expect them to treat all of us, no matter from which part of the world we come from, with equality. Otherwise screw off and keep your opinions to yourselves.