British Muslim explains Islamic plans for Great Britains Future!

This would be real funny if it wasn’t what is planned for us.
What a bunch of egotistical bullshit. When we hear shit like this it’s no wonder there is so much Islamophobia. Do people who are so accepting never see or hear this crap? They have all the Internet at their fingertips and what…never see any of this bullshit. I guess they figure it is so ridiculous that no one believes it. This guy’s words are right on. We will end up converting so that we do not become second class citizens in our own nation. I feel sorry for so much of Europe right now. Then I feel sorry for us not accepting the possible worse case scenario. I know there are many nice Muslims…that is no doubt in my mind, but like the guy says, what would those good Muslims rather be within a future that will change our world? Does anyone have any doubts. We do not accept our religious fanatics so why are we so accepting of Muslim fanatics and think their rhetoric is only hyperbole? Beats me.