COEXIST! Muslim Group Says Liberalism Can Only Exist if it… “Submits to Islam”

COEXIST! Muslim Group Says Liberalism Can Only Exist if it… “Submits to Islam”?

Islam seems to be the only religion toward which liberals aren’t closed minded and intolerant. Christianity must bend to the will of the latest popularity poll, you should only listen to The Pope half the time when he says stuff they agree with (and never when it’s about the Catholic teachings), and the Iran deal tells you all you need to know about their thoughts on Judaism.

Muslims seem to be the only religious people they care to defend. Well, that and their obsession over whatever the President’s religion is, even though it doesn’t matter at this point.

They cater to Islam, seeing them as a marginalized minority in need of defending. They blame international Islamic hatred for the west on our own practices. If we just left them alone, the left believes, they’d want nothing more than to “COEXIST.” All this gathered from a bumper-sticker.

You know who doesn’t care about any of that? Islam.

Islamist group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) said today that liberalism can only co-exist with Islam if it is willing to submit to an Islamic system, as the ideology is a malleable man-made system compared to a religion that is bestowed by God.

Speaking in a forum on liberalism and faith, Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman said Islam cannot be reformed or amended by any parties, chiding so-called “liberal Muslim” for using Western philosophies born of “dark ages” in doing so.

“Liberalism can live hand-in-hand with faith, only if it’s willing to live under an Islamic system,” Abdullah said in the Liberalism Conference held by think-tank Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS).

“If liberalism tries to redefine or reform Islam following the demands of liberal basis, that maybe can never be accepted by Islam.”

Shorter liberalism, “What’s the safe word again?”

Here’s the deal. You can’t “CoExist” if the “C” wants to kill all the other letters.

Let me go one step further, you can never coexist in freedom if the “C” wants to subjugate all the other letters. That Islamic crescent moon is the religious equivalent to PacMan, gobbling every symbol which comes after it.

Islam is not only a religion, it is a political ideology. It does not care if you are nice, it does not care if you are sympathetic to its causes, it does not care if you’re like, super progressive and down with the cause, man.

You either submit to Islam, or you’re not welcome. Period. No matter how much leftist appeasement you try.