Bikini Protest in France Against Brutal Park Beating

A few months ago in France this happened.A woman, named, Angelique Sloss, was severely beaten last week by five women between the ages of 16 and 24, while she was sunbathing with two friends on a French beach.

The incident began when one of the Muslim women allegedly shouted at Sloss for acting “immorally” by wearing a swim suit in public, leading to speculation that the attack was religiously motivated. Sloss responded and the women began slapping and punching her. A passerby eventually broke up the attack.
This an example of the rudeness and intolerance that Muslims have when they immigrate to other countries. Too many, not all, try to push their way of life on the people who have been living there for centuries. This is just plain wrong. All the attackers have since been arrested and are scheduled to appear in court in September.

Protesters have taken their outrage to social media. Using the hashtag #JePorteMonMaillotAuParcLeo (I wear my swimsuit to Park Leo), the campaign was organized by an anti-racism organization called SOS Racisme. Women (and men) have taken pictures of themselves wearing swim suits in public parks and beaches and posted them on Twitter.

Protesters wearing bikinis and swim suits also held a demonstration in the park with hundreds more taking to express outrage and their solidary with Sloss on social media.
All I can say is good for them. People in their home countries can not bow down to this type of terrorism. The women wearing the bathing suits are not harassing the Muslim women wearing their full body coverings but since most so called devout Muslims feel that others should live by their standards they try to push their agenda on their hosts. This someday will lead to much unrest.