‘Female Genital Mutilation Affects Every Part of the UK’

this is so sad. I can’t believe this shit still happens to this day.
A new report has found female genital mutilation present in every single local authority district in England and Wales as PM names FGM as Islamist.

Nowhere in England and Wales is free from female genital mutilation (FGM), according to a new report by the City University London and women’s rights charity Equality Now.

The report found that there was no local authority district anywhere in England and Wales which was entirely free from FGM

London has the highest proportion of FGM in any city in the UK, with 2.1% of London’s women having been subjected to the practice.

News of the report broke as the UK stepped up its efforts to combat FGM. Prime Minister David Cameron specifically named FGM in a speech outlining the government’s new approach to tackling all forms of Islamist extremism, along with honor violence.
He said “We need more co-ordinated efforts to drive this out of our society. More prosecutions. No more turning a blind eye on the false basis of cultural sensitivities.”

Home Office Minister for Preventing Abuse and Exploitation Karen Bradley told the New Statesman:

“FGM is a serious crime and it is child abuse. We are determined to end this terrible crime.

These new figures, together with health prevalence data, give us a much clearer picture of how FGM affects women and girls across England and Wales.

“Local areas should use this information to tailor their services to the needs of survivors and girls at risk. To help local areas we have already strengthened the law around FGM, given more support to frontline professionals, and we continue to work with communities to support them in changing attitudes.”