Homelessness is not a crime — and neither is feeding the hungry!

Well here is some more USA bullshit. I certainly hope we in Canada take the same attitude. This is insane. Why would anyone make it illegal to help feed the hungry? Much of this article is very informative and damning of what rich people think of the poor in a country that is supposed to be so enlightened. This is shameful.

Thirty-three cities already ban or are considering banning giving food to homeless people — and some are threatening to throw people in jail if they’re caught feeding the hungry.

These laws claim they’re about preventing government-run anti-homelessness programs from being diluted. They’re really about keeping non-profits and individuals from shining a light on just how bad things have gotten for our country’s poor, even as the homeless are treated like criminals for being without food and shelter.

Charity work like sharing food with the homeless is essential in a country where protecting the poor and needy is never at the top of the list, and is found to help those without shelter get back on their feet.

“Cities think by cutting off the food source, it will make the homeless go away,” NCH community organizing director Michael Stoops said. “It doesn’t.”

Help stop this pointless, baseless cruelty. Call on these 33 cities to ditch plans to ban giving food to the homeless now!

PETITION TO 33 CITY MAYORS: Homelessness is not a crime — and neither is feeding the hungry. We call on you to lift current and proposed bans on sharing food with the hungry and homeless now.