Muslim Actress Tells Off Sheik Cleric

If the cause for women’s rights in the Muslim world is to go anywhere it has to be started by women like Veena Malik. Until women rebel and stand up against the male dominance woman will be treated as third class citizens in the Muslim world. Many are starting to demand more, even in Saudi Arabia. I have seen many movies that were made in the Middle East before the 1970′s where men and women treated themselves equally. Woman wore Western clothing as well as traditional attire but did not wear headgear or burkas. Men and women even went to colleges and universities together. Amazing what happened since the religious zealots took over. Any way watch this video and admire this spunky woman stand her ground.

Veena Malik (born Zahida Yousafzai) is a Pakistani actress, TV host and model who appears in Lollywood and Bollywood films. Malik made her film debut in 2000 with Sajjad Gul’s Tere Pyar Mein. In 2002, she starred in Akbar Khan’s Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa and Sassi Punno and later played roles in female-centric films such as Koi Tujh Sa Kahan (2005), Mohabbatan Sachiyan (2007), Kyun Tum Se Itna Pyar Hai (2005), Kabhi Pyar Na Karna (2008) and Ishq Be Parwah (2008). In 2012, she was seen in Bollywood with a comedy film Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai. The following year, she appeared in the dramedy Zindagi 50-50, Supermodel and the Kannada film Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga which was a box office hit. She also appeared in 2014 horror film Mumbai 125 KM 3D

In addition to acting in films, Malik is active in humanitarian work, has a number of endorsement deals and is regarded as one of the most promising contemporary actresses in Pakistan.

Controversy resulted in Pakistan over a nude image of Malik on the cover of FHM magazine India edition in which she had “ISI” written on her upper arm – the initials of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence spy agency. Malik says she was topless but did not pose completely nude, and has sued the magazine over the images.

In November 2014, Malik and her husband Asad were sentenced to 26 years in prison by a regional, anti-terrorism court for allegedly airing a blasphemous programme. The order has not been enforced since both are out of the country.