Pope to retire at the end of February


Do we have a religious plot in the making?

It has been 600 years since the last Pope retired, before death did it for him. Everyone will have their opinion but I figure when it comes right down to it is probably due to him realizing that his mental faculities are going and a Pope with this problem could cause a lot of problems for the Roman Catholics around the world. I guess someday we may eventually find out why he is doing this, until then feel free to speculate.

The challenge now will be to actually get a Pope who is willing to modernize the Church by accepting priests who can get married so we can get rid of single predatory males who take refuge in the Church and cause us all sorts of problems for the rest of us Catholics. I would ask for female priests as well, but I doubt that will ever happen, in my lifetime at least.

We also need a Pope who will go toe to toe with that other radical, med’evil’ religion that is still living in the stone age. Maybe a new and younger Pope may be able to help change things for the better. So much to expect from a new leader of the world’s largest religion.

So for now all I can say is “to be continued”…