Hamas is not the victim.

I wonder on which planet Hamas lovers are from because they certainly can’t be from this planet Earth. Look no one wants to see people being killed especially children that are innocent and thrown into the middle of a conflict that they have little chance of escaping and seems to be destined to go on forever, The thing is that this conflict is being extended because of Hamas and not the Israelis even though they have made their mistakes. I used to be upset when I used to see some of the crap they used to stop Palestinians but when Hamas got involved my mind changed rather rapidly.
Simply, when someone shoots at you and try to kill you, you defend yourselves and because of Hamas the Israelis have very little choice.

Hamas belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood and they want territorial gains. Past Brotherhood leader Mustafa Mashhur in his book JIHAD IS THE WAY describes the role of violent jihad in establishing a worldwide Islamic State. Hamas in it’s own charter calls for the destruction and takeover of Israel. In 2005 Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinian Arabs to create a state and what did they do instead? Hamas turned the state into a hellhole while concentrating on the destruction of Israel.

The world, instead of criticizing Israel, should go after Hamas who is systematically causing the death of it’s own citizens. Every time there is a ceasefire, Hamas breaks it. If they gave a damn for their own people they would spend their money helping their citizens, paying salaries and building homes rather than diverting monies to the purchase of weapons and building costly tunnels with the sole purpose of killing Israelis. Such a lofty goal isn’t it?

So every time I see groups at MacMaster University or other places going on about how the Israelis are killing Palestinians, I get sick. Hamas is killing Palestinians and if they admitted that then I would be behind them. Daniel Moynihan said at one time…”Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts”. So, let’s all talk about the facts and get them in order before we stick our noses into something that is not our affair.