Saying that torture is a necessity is abhorrent to me and all civilized people. Unfortunately because the world is populated by millions upon millions of uncivilized people then torture does indeed become a necessity. I don ‘t understand all the news flying around about the CIA use of torture. This has been going on for centuries and will continue into the future. Torture, as much as we may not like it, is oft-times the only solution to a life threatening situation. Many times it will end up that innocents will be caught in the web but unfortunately when the lives of countless people are at stake then some casualties will be expected.

Right now we are at war with Islamic terrorists, that desire, with a passion, to take your freedom and your religion and your life from you. They prove this every day. They have hit virtually every country in the world. They do not even have a respect for their countrymen or their religion. This is now an ongoing action that will lead to more and more deaths every day. To prevent these actions or at least limit them we can not get the information by giving captured terrorists clean sheets, a comfy cell, cakes and cookies, halal goodies, roses, sunshine and Turkish taffy. This is what these monsters think we will give them because you see, they use our civility against us. They try to use our laws against us to bring in their own laws and to kill us and we like sheep open the doors to the wolves.

These oppressive people will understand only one thing and that is torture and their own deaths. This of course will only lead them to hate us even more but hopefully the agencies involved will get life saving information. Unfortunately, I believe that even after the information is obtained these vile excuses for human beings should be systematically executed to bring home the point that when needed we can be willing to hurt some to save others. This has to be closely monitored of course so that those that do these deeds do not themselves become as bad as those they have to deal with everyday.

I always wanted to view the world through rose coloured glasses. There was a time when I defended Islam to many friends, some of whom I lost because of my belief. Now, unfortunately, I see the errors of my ways. I see this religion breed terrorists in the name of Allah. I see these savage terrorists besmirch the beliefs of those believers in a peaceful Islam. To save all of our different and equally, possibly invalid religious beliefs, torture will always be a necessary solution because no one has given us another successful way to solve this life threatening problem. Someday in the future maybe scientists will find a way to probe deep into the brain in a gentle way and procure all the needed info but until then we only have our barbaric ways to save lives.