The Stream: ‘Muslim Patrol’ police London streets

From Al Jazeera English·
Who are the ‘Muslim Patrol’? And why are they trying to make ‘Muslim zones’ in East London?

2 thoughts on “The Stream: ‘Muslim Patrol’ police London streets

  1. Tom

    It’s a gang of 6 or 10 men. I wouldn’t take these guys any more serious than any of the neo-nazi skin heads who also run around London town occaisonally pushing over headstones in jewish cemeteries. Are they trying to push their world views onto others? Yes. Are they being successful? No. Will they ever be successful? Sure, but they’d need roughly 7 million people to agree with their world view. And that’s just so they could push the voting block towards a more conservative agenda. Incidentally there are currently 1.6 million muslims in Great Britain and of those 1.6 million you have these 10 idiots running around causing a nuisance.

    Muslims are not a homogeneous group, there’s a reason why they’ve been fighting each other for the last 1500 years. The common mistake people make is assuming that they all agree with eachother and are all operating together as one unified group.

    Finally will Islam move forward into the 19th century? Probably, they’ve been progressively becoming more and more liberal/left leaning in western countries over the last 30 years they’ve been in these countries, that’s just one generation. Give it a generation or two and I am certain they’ll be about as sensible as a Pentecostal at least.

    1. vinnie Post author

      i agree with what you’ve said. I know quite a few young Muslim women and men that have adapted well. As you say they will mostly adapt with each generation. Love the comment about them moving into the 19th century but I don’t know if they have arrived into the 18th century yet. Time will tell but it is not likely we will be around to see it.

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