We still haven’t figured it out.

A little time out for some thought about Christ and religion. He is knocking on everyone’s door to tell them that Religion is the lie and that we were to follow what HE said — not follow him–
We are the Temple–no need for Temples– yet we still haven’t figured it out. Churches, mosques, synagogues and temples are not what a deity needs because the deity is everywhere, The only ones who need these buildings are the religious leaders so they can get money from you. We are the temples, God is in us and if we respect ourselves and others that is all we need to please any deity. What is not needed are the temples and the controlling rules that cause dissention among all men and women and countries. We need to all be the temples and we can remove the disruptive evil that causes dissent among mankind. We need to free ourselves from religious leaders before they destroy us all.