Sometimes the greed or stupidity of corporations amaze me!!!

Read the picture below and then pick up a hunk of wood and hit yourself on the head just to convince yourself that this is real and not in one of your nightmares…


Seriously, can you believe the audacity of these stupid people? They really don’t see what they advertise.
Look, they are really stupid or, they believe that all of you, out there, are, really stupid.
KFC chicken is addictive enough as it is. The incredible amount of salt in their food is bad enough, that the taste brings you back to it by addicting you to the salt. Do not doubt for a minute that all that salt isn’t there to addict you to the taste.
I haven’t had a piece of KFC chicken for over 20 years and still when I think of it or drive by one of their locations, I still get that deep, in the gut, incredible urge to go buy some but I fight it, somehow.
Do yourself a favour and don’t fall for their ‘please buy our food so we can help the people we damage in the first place’ advertising.
There is nothing wrong with the occasional KFC meal if you do it once or twice a year but please don’t buy more thinking that you are helping people. Think before you eat.